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an “on-hands” radiation physicist, always trying to explain “why”, but at the same time able to record and interpret data quickly, so as to produce well-structured and solid solutions. attention to the minute detail, (the difference between success and failure) is another strong point. the University of hull (uk) gave a strong affinity for a “hands-on” experience for Physics, as besides the classic modules, emphasis was given in cryogenics, lasers & optics, quantum & semiconductor Physics, combined with elements of anatomy & Physiology. these foundations led to a solid radiotherapy and Medical Imaging physicist, an excellent team player, at the same time having a high efficiency to find effective answers to various problems. being a physicist “in nature”, also gives Flexibility and readiness to seek other solutions when the situation requires so. another aspect is the designer/conception part. after extensive Training, the “Physics part” is complemented by extensive knowledge in all aspects of design Engineering (from conception to Manufacturing design) as well as reverse Engineering using CAD Software (catia v5, Solidworks, AutoCAD), finite element Analysis (patran-nastran) for material resistance, programming Software (MATLAB/simulink), as well as functional dimensioning & tolerancing and ISO knowledge. major projects include the design of parts (fuel tank, mast-rotor chassis attachment, landing gear) for sagita’s sherpa® helicopter.


Past Experience

  • Aeronautical Products Design & Conception Avenue de l’Indépendance 37, B-4020 Wandre, Belgium

    December 2012 --- January 2014

    conception & design of parts for the sherpa© helicopter (fuel tank– mast-rotor chassis attachment–landing gear)

    Analysis- creation of plans in 2d / fe Analysis. Software used catia v5, patran-nastran

  • RX Physicist BAT. B35, Avenue de l'Hôpital 13, Sart Tilman, B-4000 Liège 1, Belgium

    November 2005 --- September 2008

    quality-control for radiation protection (personnel and patients) of x-ray machines and supporting infrastructure (dark room, x-ray machine developer), mechanical control (irradiation parameters) and acceptance control of new radiological equipment. equipment from all major manufacturers was tested (siemens, varian, electa/philips, ge) from the most complicated scanner to the simplest dental panoramic. the acceptance control was the most exhaustive (all mechanical parameters and the accompanying Software needed to be tested) and the University centre for nuclear control was participating by measuring radiation levels around the Operating Room.


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingAdaptabilityAnger commandAttention to detailAuthenticityCollaborationCommunicativeCompetitivenessCoordinationCreative thinkingCuriosityEfficiencyApproachabilityFlexibilityImpulse commandIndependenceIndividualityInnovative thinkingInterest in knowledgeKindnessOptimismOrganizationOrientationProactivityProblem solvingReaction to stressResiliencyResponsibilitySelf-confidenceSelf-disciplineService orientedSociabilityStrategic thinking


Self Assessment :
Biostatistics Medical devices R&D Scientific writingAnalytical techniquesBiomarkersBiopharmaceuticalsCancerClinical Data ManagementClinical Data Management (CDM)Clinical monitoringClinical researchClinical Study DesignClinical study reportsClinical trial designClinical trialsClinical trial audits and inspectionsCommunication SkillsCross-functional team leadershipData AnalysisData cleaningData entryData ManagementDatabase design and maintenanceDiagnostic radiologyDiagnosticsEnglishFluorescent microscopyFluorescence MicroscopyGCPGood Clinical Practice (GCP)Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)Good Publication Practice (GPP)Gynecologic oncologyHospitalsIn VitroIn VivoInterpret clinical trial resultsInterpret clinical trial resultsInterpret systematic reviewsInterventional RadiologyIt skillsLaboratory ResearchLaboratory study designLaboratory TechniquesLaboratory testingMatlabMass SpectrometryMATLAB (matrix laboratory)Mechanical designMedical DevicesMedical ImagingMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OfficeNuclear radiology Phases of clinical development (phase I to IV)PowerPointProblem-solving methods and troubleshootingProduct designProcess improvementProduct developmentProduct launchQuality Assurance (QA)Quality Control (QC)Quality ManagementR&DRadiation oncologySafety concerns (such as therapeutic ratio with respect to possible adverse effects)Safety trialsScientific methodologyScientific WritingStatistical considerations in design and analysisTechnology transferTime ManagementTroubleshootingStatisticsStrategic PlanningUnderstand how results translate to practiceUnderstand levels of research evidence

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analyze data Assure medical quality Control data Develop clinical trial protocols Develop protocols Interact with nurses Interact with physicians Interpret data Monitor a clinical study Report data Technology research Write papersAdjust processes and methodsAnalyze dataAssist with proceduresArchive documentationArchive study documentsAttend seminarsAssure medical qualityClinical data collectionCollaborate with medical teamCollaborate with principal investigatorCollaborate with project teamCommunicate with investigatorCommunicate with sponsorConduct literature searchesConduct research at universitiesConduct university research Control dataData analysisData codingData entryData miningData validationData verificationDesign data collection systemsDesign data reporting systemsDesign database Document data collection systemDocument data reporting systemsEnsure data consistencyEnsure data integrityEvaluate physico-chemical dataEvaluate physico-chemical data of lab scale/pilot scale batchesEvaluate stability data Evaluate stability data and impurity identification/synthesisExtrapolate dataImplement data collection systemImplement data reporting systemsInterpret dataManage data collection systemManage data reporting systemsMonitor dataObserve trends in dataPresent data at congressReport dataReview data interpretationSupervise data processingValidate dataVerify dataCapture data on source documentsDesign clinical presentationDesign clinical trialDesign efficiency studyDesign exclusion criteriaDesign inclusion criteriaDesign information leafletDesign marketing advertismentsDesign protocolDesign studyDesign tracking systemDiscuss treatments with investigatorDetermine statistical analysis Ensure good clinical practice (GCP)Interact with CROsInteract with ethics committeeInteract with nursesInteract with pharmacistsInteract with physiciansInteract with pre-clinical scientistsLiaise with doctorsLiaise with research teamlifescienceNetworkOperate research equipmentOral presentationPresent at steering committeePresent clinical resultsPublish scientific projectsQuality control processQuality testing of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs)Review quality control activitiesReview quality policiesSet-up quality policiesResearch at universitiesReview clinical study reportsReview exclusion criteriaReview inclusion criteriaReview manufacturing documentationReview monitoring reportsReview queriesReview study protocolsSet up a clinical studySetup of research equipmentSolid state development Solve problemsStatistical analysisUse laser doppling imaging techniqueWork under specific instructionsWrite papersWrite combined statistical and medical reportsWrite protocolsWrite statistical reportsWritten presentation


  • Certificate in «Design & Conception of Aeronautical Products » from W.A.N., Gosselies, Belgium in 2013
  • Certificate in Additional training in Radiation protection – accredited from the A.F.C.N. (Belgian Federal Agency of Nuclear Control) from Haute École de la Province de Liège André Vésale, Liège, Belgium in 2005
  • Bachelor in Physics with Medical Technology from The University Of Hull, U.K. in 2002
  • Foundation year in Physics with Medical Applications from The University Of Newcastle, U.K. in 1996

Training and Certification

  • Medical Imaging Physicist in 2008 Training
  • Nuclear Medicine Physicist in 2007 Training
  • Radiotherapy Physicist in 2005 Training
  • Catia V5 in 2013 Certification
  • Design & Conception of Aeronautical Products in 2013 Certification
  • Radiation Protection in 2005 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    1 week
  • Positions I am interested in:
    Biomedical Scientist Associate Scientist Clinical Research Consultant Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Clinical Safety Associate Employee Field Clinical Research Specialist Field Clinical Specialist Field Research Assistant Graduate Research Assistant Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Quality Assurance (QA) Manager Research associate Scientific Advisor Scientific consultant Scientific Associate Scientific Researcher Scientific Writer Scientist
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Belgium France Germany Luxembourg Netherlands Switzerland
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    50% FTE
    BrightOwl freelancer :    20 Hours per week
    BrightOwl employee :    50% FTE
  • International:

Area / Region

Liège, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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