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Dreaming of becoming a scientist since high school, I obtained a PhD in virology and vaccine development. I also worked in labs and companies to study cancer, immunology and diabetes. I have a very broad knowledge on different topics like immunology, oncology, virology, vaccine development, signal transduction, cell death and drug discovery. My equally broad technical expertise ranges from protein, DNA & RNA work over cell culture & cell-based assay development to in vivo studies. As a scientific researcher I learned to work independently towards deadlines with great accuracy and efficiency. However, I also enjoy very much working in a team towards a common goal. As a scientific team leader, I sharpened my skills as a project and people manager by leading an international cell culture team. I am passionate about life sciences and during my career as a scientist, I found it very satisfying to be a part of a team that is developing new medicines. In my role as a scientific team lead, I enjoyed searching for new market opportunities, translating this into scientific projects and coaching my team to achieve our common goals. I would like to continue my career with contributing to the development of vaccines, therapeutics or diagnostics. I am confident that by applying the analytical & critical thinking, problem solving skills and project & people management skills I obtained during my career in academia and medical biotech industry, I can achieve this ambition.


Current Experience

  • postdoctoral scientist

    Ghent, Belgium
    Since September 2018

Past Experience

  • Scientific team lead cell culture lab Ghent, Belgium

    August 2015 --- August 2018

  • Staff employee Molecular Signaling and Cell Death Unit

    October 2014 --- June 2015

  • Staff emlpoyee Unit for Immunoregulation and Mucosal Immunology

    December 2012 --- August 2014

  • Research Assistent Protein Service Facility

    May 2012 --- December 2012

  • PhD student departement for Virology, Parasitology and Immunology

    October 2005 --- June 2010


Self Assessment :
Attention to detailOrganizationProblem solvingKindnessSelf-disciplineService orientedWillingness to compromiseApproachabilityIndependenceSociabilityInterest in knowledgeEfficiencyProactivityFlexibilityTrustAnalytical thinkingAdaptabilityCollaborationCoordinationCritical thinkingCuriosityAssertivenessResponsibilityResult OrientedSelf-confidencePerspectiveCreative thinking


Self Assessment :
Assay development Animal models Cell biology R&DAllergy and immunologyAnalysisAntibodiesAseptic TechniquesBiologyBiotechnologieBiotechnologyBudget ManagementBudgetingCancer ResearchCell Based AssaysCell biologyCell CultureCell SignalingCoachingCommunication SkillsConfocal MicroscopyContinuous ImprovementCross-functional team leadershipData AnalysisDesign of Experiments (DOE) DNA extractionDrug DevelopmentElectrophoresisELISAEnglishExperimentationFluorescence MicroscopyGel ElectrophoresisGeneticsGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)Grant PreparationGraphPad PrismApplicationsBacteriologyChemistryImmunofluorescenceImmunologyIn VitroIn VivoLaboratory ManagementLaboratory ResearchLaboratory SkillsLaboratory study designLaboratory TechniquesLeadershipLife SciencesMammalian Cell CulturemanagementMarket AnalysisMicrobiological TechniquesMicrobiologyMicroscopyMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft PowerpointMicrosoft WordMolecular & Cellular Biologymolecular biologyMolecular CloningNucleic Acid ExtractiononcologyOutlookPatentsPCRpeople managementPowerPointPresentation SkillsPresentationsProblem SolvingProblem-solving methods and troubleshootingProject ManagementProject CoordinationProject PlanningProtein PurificationProtein ExpressionProteinsProtocolqPCRRecruitingReport WritingResearchRNA isolationscienceScientific CommunicationsSDS-PAGESocial SkillsStandard Operating Procedure (SOP)Start-upsStatistical Data AnalysisStem cell researchStatisticsStem CellsStudy proposalsStudy protocolsTeam LeadershipTeam ManagementTeamworkTime ManagementTissue CultureTransfectionVaccinesVeterinary MedicineVirologyWestern BlottingWriting Study Procedures and SOPsEnglish
LinkedIn Assessment :
AntibodiesWestern BlottingPCRmolecular biologyFlow CytometryVirologyTissue CultureProtein ExpressionVaccinesConfocal MicroscopyImmunologyBiotechnologyCell biologyLifesciencesMolecular CloningMolecular geneticsCell Based AssaysImmunoassaysImmunostainingELISAqPCRSDS-PAGEProtein PurificationSerologyProject PlanningDNA extractionBacterial TransformationTransfectionDNA analysisPatent preparationoncologyCell CultureRT-PCRProtein ProductionVector CloningMouse HandlingIn VivoIn VitroCellLaboratory

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analyze dataCommunicate with investigatorCommunicate with sponsorCreate standard operating procedure (SOP)drafting grant applicationsExecute scientific projectsObserve trends in dataProvide input to process improvement initiativesReport study conclusionsReport dataReview data interpretationWrite protocolsEvaluate protocolsEnsure data consistencyDirect co-workersDesign protocolCreate SOPsConfocal microscopyConduct university research Analyze dataUse western blotting techniqueGuide staffManuscript preparationWrite papersSolve problemsResearch at universitiesPublish scientific projectsProtocol managementOrganise meetingsOral presentationNetworkManuscript reviewAttend seminarsAssist with experimentsSupervise techniciansPublication of articlesPresent data at congressManuscript preparation and reviewManage laboratory procedureslifescienceData analysiscoordinating research projectsConduct research at universitiesTrain on site staffConduct literature searchesAnalyze proteinAdjust processes and methods Write papers Use a confocal microscopy Report data Interpret data Guide students Develop protocolsCollaborate with project team Create SOPs Write protocolsAdjust methodsAdvise on strategyAseptic techniquesassess the needs of the project(s)/program(s) and make changes in process, work flow and/or assignments.Attend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companybudgeting of R&D activitiesCell cultureCoach staffcollaborate in research projects at universitiesCommunicationConduct animal studiesConduct limited data and/or statistical analysis.Conduct literature searches.Coordinate projectsCoordinationCreate study documentsDefine market needsDesign information leafletDesign protocolsDesign scientific experimentsDesign scientific projects (in biology)Determine statistical analysis Determine needsDetermine potential relationshipsDevelop protocolsDevelop study timelinesDirect co-workers to achieve resultEstablish professional relationships with partnersFollow up projectsGuide studentsIdentify market opportunitiesInterpret dataInterpret research resultsInterpret scientific dataLead studiesLead teamsMaintain strong relationshipsManage multiple projectsManage research projectsmanaging a small teamObtain grantsOrganize scientific projects (in biology)Oversee the process of cell line generationPeople managementpcrPlan experimentsPlan work to meet objectives and deadlinesPrepare final reportPrepare manuscriptproject managementR&DReview dataReview experimental plansReview protocolsSet up research projectsSetup of research equipmentStatistical analysisSupervise analysts and researchersTrain StaffUnderstand protocolsUse fluorescence microscopyUse laboratory techniques


  • Master na Master in Biotechnology from Ghent University in 2005
  • Master in Biotechnology from Ghent University in 2004
  • Bachelor in Chemistry from Ghent University in 2002

Training and Certification

  • HR training in 2017 Training
  • Certificate of Advanced Academic English Writing Skills in Life Science and Medicine Certification
  • FELASA C (Lab Animal Sciences, experiment leader) Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Professional Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency


    Expert has 9 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Ghent, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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