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After 17 years of project management in R&D, I would like to face new challenges in a dynamic environment. I am a bio-engineer in chemistry with a PhD in biomedical sciences owning knowledge in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture and biosensors. I also have a good understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and I am currently getting expertise in clinical trials. I think my combination of experience in project management, coaching and networking as well as my strong scientific background will be a perfect match for a position of project manager in R&D or in clinical trials. Along the years, I have developed knowledge in different scientific fields aiming the improvement of healthcare. Indeed, I believe in the multi-disciplinary approach for understanding and improving the quality of the services to customers and patients in their needs.


Past Experience

  • Expert scientist in R&D

    November 2013 --- March 2014
    Risk Assessment

  • Research Manager

    March 2010 --- October 2013
    In Vitro

  • Postdoc researcher

    May 2006 --- May 2010
    Cell Culture

  • PhD student

    September 2000 --- April 2006

  • Project manager

    November 1998 --- October 2000
    Project Management

  • Research assistant

    November 1997 --- May 1998
    • Project assistant: : study of the dormancy in potato • Development and improvement of method • Oversea experience


BrightOwl Assessment :
PerspectiveCuriosityInterest in knowledgeCreative thinkingAdaptabilityKindnessCharmOrganizationDependabilityEfficiencySelf-discipline
Self Assessment :
ResiliencySelf-disciplineTrustApproachabilityEfficiencyDependabilityOrganizationAnger commandSelf-confidenceReaction to stressIndependenceOptimismSelf-disclosureSociabilityPerspectiveCuriosityInterest in knowledgeCreative thinkingDominanceAdaptability


BrightOwl Assessment :
Project Management R&DGeneticsHematologyMicrobiologymolecular biologyMitigationCoachingInnovationMedical DevicesBiochemistryBiomarkersDNA sequencingInterpret clinical trial results Scientific writingImmunologyBiotechnologyProduct designQualification
Self Assessment :
Project ManagementWriting Study Procedures and SOPsActions and modes of action of human physiologyScientific methodologyLaboratoryLife SciencesBiotechnologyMedical DevicesMicrosoft OfficeDiagnosticsCell CultureImmunologyEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)Cell biologymolecular biologyPCRscienceBiochemistryFrenchHealthcareDNA sequencingEnglishScientific WritingImmunohistochemistry (IHC)CancerHealthcare industryPreclinical regulations and practicesLifesciencesClinical trialsGeneticsQuality Assurance (QA)Microsoft ExcelBiomarkersTeamworkProtocolDermatologyHematologyPreventative medicineUnderstand levels of research evidenceClinical trial designInterpret clinical trial resultsInterpret systematic reviewsSearch literature on clinical trialsPhases of clinical development (phase I to IV)Research GovernanceActions and modes of action of drugs in the human species
LinkedIn Assessment :
LifesciencesMicroscopyscienceQuantitative PCR (qPCR)Intellectual PropertyRT-PCRbiofunctionalizationMicrofluidicsImmunoassaysProject ManagementChange ManagementTeam ManagementCharacterizationR&DImmunologySemiconductorsmolecular biologyResearchCell CultureCell biologyBiochemistryWestern BlottingBiosensorsMicrofabricationPCREnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

Skills and Expertise

BrightOwl Assessment :
Stam cell researchGene therapyCell cultureInteract with physiciansCollaborate with project teamAttend steering committee Use a confocal microscopyUse fluorescence microscopyFlow cytometryDesign protocolValidationQualificationOptimizationTroubleshootingConduct literature searchesDirect co-workers to achieve resultDiscuss the results of testing with medical statisticiansCollaborationInteract with regulatory stakeholdersAttend seminarsCoordination
Self Assessment :
assess operational feasibility and recommend study execution planAssign, coordinate and supervise day-to-day activities of clinical study monitorsAttend at steering committee meetingsCalculate timelines for conducting and completing the trialAttend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companyassess the needs of the project(s)/program(s) and make changes in process, work flow and/or assignments.collaborate in research projects at universitiesConduct research at universitiesConduct literature searches.control different protocol versions and other essential documentsCreate Standard Operating Procedures for each study or clinical trial.Develop protocolsDetermine availability of facilities and equipment at the siteDirect co-workers to achieve resultdevelop and manage comprehensive study timelines and metrics;Evaluate, review and assess protocols and amendments for feasibility Escalate compliance and study issues to Director, Study ManagementInteract with pre-clinical scientistsDesign the studyDiscuss the results of testing with medical statisticiansExtrapolate data to new situations and develop new clinical hypotheses to testExtrapolate resultsInteract with information specialistsInteract with computer specialistsInteract with physiciansInteract with regulatory agenciesInteract with statisticiansInterpret dataLiaise with doctors and other professionals throughout the studymanage dose-response relationshipsLiaise with professionals in other divisions of the company as requiredLiaise with research team in order to accurately collect and record dataObserve and report trends in data/information.perform Data validationPrepare sound articles for publicationPlan work to meet objectives and deadlinesReview the interpretation of dataSupport oral and written presentations of clinical results by study investigators.Work with coordination and data management teamsTeach university studentsWork collaboratively with the other members of the clinical research team Project probable outcomes, potential impact on policy, research or program.Ensure that all meetings arranged run smoothly by producing agenda, including timetable, minutes and action pointsReport conclusions to stakeholders and other interested partiesPlan and coordinate regular advisory board and steering committee meetings.Read medical literature to maintain current awareness and knowledgeManuscript preparation and reviewPublish scientific projectsExecute scientific projects execute and publish scientific projects (in biology)Provides the appropriate technical and organizational supportCreates a collaborative team environment


  • Expert in clinical trials in from Cefochim in 2015
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sciences biomédicales from University of Liège in 2006
  • Master's degree in Manipulation of laboratory animals from University of Liège in 2003
  • Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences, General from University of Liège in 2001
  • Bio-engineer in chemistry and bio-industries in Industrial biology and microbiology from Université catholique de Louvain in 1997

Work Preferences

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  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
    BrightOwl employee
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  • Yes

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