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BrightOwl Assessment :
Anger commandImpulse commandSelf-confidencePerspectiveCuriosityAdaptability


BrightOwl Assessment :
Medical oncology Phase IPhase IIIHematologyClinical trial designInterpret clinical trial resultsProject ManagementClinical trial budgetingPrinciples and ethics of clinical researchScientific methodologyUnderstanding of regulatory guidelinesEfficacy trials
Self Assessment :
HematologyMedical oncology Efficacy trialsPhase IPhase III

Skills and Expertise

BrightOwl Assessment :
assess the needs of the project(s)/program(s) and make changes in process, work flow and/or assignments.Act as the main line of communication between the sponsor and the investigatorCoach and provide guidance to clinical staff.Develop a clinical strategy to bring a next drug or indication forwardIdentify and provide training to trial team and associated staffDirect co-workers to achieve result

Area / Region



Driving License
  • No

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