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i am an experienced Researcher in Cell and molecular biology with a scientific background in Neuroscience and an interest in Drug Development. my goal is to apply my analytical and Laboratory skills in projects that improve the life of patients.


Current Experience

  • Wetenschappelijk medewerker

    Since December 2009
    investigation of the role of alk4, a receptor for tgfbeta superfamily ligands, on the development of gabaergic interneurons. investigation of the role of alk7 in female reproduction. studies on a p75ntr interacting Protein in postnatal neurogenesis ✔ literature Research, Design of Experiments, Project PlanningStatistical Data Analysis and data presentation (SPSS, r, Excel, PowerPoint, adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator) ✔ expression analysis (in situ hybridization, qrt-PCR, RNA-seq, Immunohistochemistry, Western blot) ✔ Cell Culture (primary cells, neurosphere Assays and cell lines) ✔ bioassays: ligand induced nuclear translocation, growth cone collapse Assays, proliferation, maturation and cell death AssaysConfocal Microscopy and image analysis ✔ analysis of embryonic neurogenesis (brdu birthdating) ✔ analysis of the female reproductive axis in mice (blood sample collection, Histology, estrous cycle analysis) ✔ behavioral analysis of epileptic seizures in mice (pilocarpine model) ✔ coordination of collaborations ✔ management of several transgenic mouse colonies, drafting of ethical permit ApplicationsDocumentation of results in eln ✔ risk assessments and writing of sops ✔ supervision of summer students Investigation of the role of Alk4, a receptor for TGFbeta superfamily ligands, on the development of GABAergic interneurons. Investigation of the role of Alk7 in female reproduction. Studies on a p75NTR interacting protein in postnatal neurogenesis ✔ Literature research, design of experiments, project planning ✔ Statistical data analysis and data presentation (SPSS, R, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) ✔ Expression analysis (in situ hybridization, qRT-PCR, RNA-Seq, immunohistochemistry, Western blot) ✔ Cell culture (primary cells, neurosphere assays and cell lines) ✔ Bioassays: ligand induced nuclear translocation, growth cone collapse assays, proliferation, maturation and cell death assays ✔ Confocal microscopy and image analysis ✔ Analysis of embryonic neurogenesis (BrdU birthdating) ✔ Analysis of the female reproductive axis in mice (blood sample collection, histology, estrous cycle analysis) ✔ Behavioral analysis of epileptic seizures in mice (pilocarpine model) ✔ Coordination of collaborations ✔ Management of several transgenic mouse colonies, drafting of ethical permit applications ✔ Documentation of results in ELN ✔ Risk assessments and writing of SOPs ✔ Supervision of summer students

Past Experience


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingAttention to detailCollaborationCommunicativeCompetitivenessCritical thinkingDependabilityEfficiencyFlexibilityInterest in knowledgeResponsibilityStrategic thinkingWillingness to compromise


Self Assessment :
Cell biology Scientific writingAssay developmentBiomedical SciencesCell Based AssaysCell SignalingCommunication SkillsData AnalysisELISAGraphPad PrismHuman AnatomyPCRPowerPointPhotoshopProblem-solving methods and troubleshootingProtein Engineeringreal-time PCRrecombinant DNA technologyScientific WritingScientific methodologySPSSTransfectionUnderstand levels of research evidenceWestern BlottingWriting Study Procedures and SOPs
LinkedIn Assessment :
molecular biologyNeuroscienceImmunohistochemistryExpression AnalysisConfocal MicroscopyAnimal ModelsscienceStatistical Data AnalysisData PresentationDevelopmental NeuroscienceTransfectionReproductive EndocrinologyMammalian Cell CultureViral Vectors

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Create SOPs Guide students Interpret data Receptor Pharmacology Use a confocal microscopy Write papers Write protocolsAdjust processes and methodsCell cultureCollaborate with principal investigatorCollect dataCommunicationConduct literature searches.Design scientific experimentsDevelop protocolsDirect co-workers to achieve resultExecute scientific projectsInterpret research resultsInterpret scientific dataMaintain strong relationshipslifescienceOral presentationPublication of articlesReview data interpretationUse fluorescence microscopy


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Neuroscience from Heidelberg University in 2008
  • Master's degree in Molecular Medicine from Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in 2004

Training and Certification

  • Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials in 0000 Certification
  • FELASA-B in 0000 Certification
  • German Certificate for Radiation Protection in 0000 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Preclinical Scientist Senior Scientist Scientific Officer Scientific Researcher Scientific Writer Molecular Biologist Freelance Science Writer
  • Positions I am NOT interested in:
    Formulation scientist Laboratory Technician Sales Administrator Sales Manager Sales representative
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 5 days per week
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
    BrightOwl freelancer :    10 Hours per week
    BrightOwl employee :    100% FTE
  • International:
  • Availability:
    Mar 2018 : 100%
    Apr 2018 : 100%
    May 2018 : 100%
    Jun 2018 : 100%

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Driving License
  • No

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