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i have many Research work experiences in the labs for many years in wide fields on medical Bioscience, Molecular Biotechnology, Cell biology. i have the good skills such as Gene Transfection, PCR, rt-PCR, westernblotting, Cell Culture, dna Microarray, DNA sequencing, Testing of apoptosis, etc.. i also have many knowledges on Cancer Gene mutations, Diabetes, apoptosis, er stress, ca2+ function, etc...and have published many articles and 3 of them were published on sci Publications. i'm a motivated, dedicated, responsible, honest, warm person.


Current Experience

  • Student

    Bruxelles, Belgique
    Since March 2015

    French study

    French study

  • visitor

    Bruxelles, Belgique
    Since September 2014

    French table conversations and cultural activities

    French table conversations and Cultural activities

  • Student

    Bruxelles, Belgique
    Since August 2014

    French study

    French study

Past Experience

  • Student Bruxelles, Belgique

    September 2012 --- June 2013

    dutch study

  • Student Bruxelles, Belgique

    September 2009 --- February 2010

    French study

  • Research technician

    May 2008 --- October 2009
    bing responsible for a project on Clinical research on the Gene mutation of the brain Cancer, using the technology of cgh micro array, DNA sequencing, fish, dna and RNA extraction, PCR, Epigenetics with bisulfite Assays. doing research work independently on a small project from vib including the yeast knock out, yeast crossing, detecting the ethanal resistance and ethanal roduction using the techniques including yeast Gene intergration, DNA extraction, PCR, yeast sporulation and culture, etc..

  • PhD researcher Bruxelles, Belgique

    January 2004 --- January 2008

    participated in the projects including the European Union (integrated project naimit (fp7) of the european community), the communautć française belgique- actions de rechereche concertćes (arc) and the efsd (europe association for the study of Diabetes) /novo nordisk program in Diabetes Research (2005/6). doing Research on Diabetes type 1, the effects of drugs on Signal Transduction, er stress, apoptosis, calcium, ion channel (pmca) . using the technologies of plasmid extraction and amplification , Gene Transfection, Western blot, rt-PCR, ELISA, Mammalian Cell Culture, measurements of calcium concentration with aequorins, apoptosis Testing, etc.

    phd scholarship from the efsd (europe association for the study of Diabetes) /novo nordisk program in Diabetes Research (2005/6).

  • Research associate

    January 1992 --- January 2002
    Research work independently including experimental designs, Operations, result Analysis and writing. being responsible for a few big Research projects from shanghai government including the polysaccharides Research of asparagus, the genetic engineering of tomato and the Research on separation and preparation of biochemicals: avemectin b2. visiting scholar in genetic institute of fu dan University, shanghai, china, for 2 years. constructing a vector expressing pgbss (granule-bound starch syntheses) of potato and studying its special _expression. performing rapd analyses of a fertile revertant induced from a cms rice line.

  • Superviser of QC

    January 1989 --- January 1992
    being in charge of establishing the operation procedures ( including qc and qa of all the tests of initial , middle and final blood products and executing these tests including the Analysis of primary materials, Biochemistry,safety tests of microbodies, Virus including hiv, and hbsag (hepatitis b surface antigen) using ELISA on the rules of FDA and GMP.

  • Lecturer

    January 1982 --- January 1986


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityInterest in knowledgeKindnessOptimismOrganizationPerspectiveReaction to stressResiliencySelf-confidenceSelf-disciplineSelf-disclosureStrivingTrustInnovative thinkingIndividualityIndependenceAnalytical thinkingApproachabilityAttention to detailCharmCollaborationCompetitivenessCreative thinkingCritical thinkingCuriosityDiligenceEgoismEfficiencyWillingness to compromise


Self Assessment :
Biochemistry Cell biology Diabetes Lab scale batches Labtechnician Medical devices R&D Scientific writingBioavailabilityBiochemistryBioinformaticsBiomarkersBiological Drug DevelopmentBiotechnologyBiopharmaceuticalsCancerCell biologyCell CultureChemistryClinical researchDNADNA extractionDNA sequencingDrug metabolismELISAEndocrinology and metabolismEndocrinologyFDAFlow CytometryFluorescence MicroscopyFluorescent microscopyGenetic polymorphismGeneticsGMPHPLCImmunofluorescenceImmunohistochemistry (IHC)In VitroLaboratoryLaboratory study designLabtechnicianMedical oncology Medical writingMicroscopyMolecular & Cellular Biologymolecular biologyMicrosoft ExcelMicrobiologyMolecular CloningPCRPhenotype Pre-clinical researchProtein ExpressionProtocolQuantitative PCR (qPCR)R&DRT-PCRScientific WritingSDS-PAGE
LinkedIn Assessment :
Cell CulturePCRCell biologyBiotechnologyTransfectionRT-PCRDNA sequencingCancer

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analyze data Assure medical quality Control data Develop protocols Guide students Molecular Diagnostics Report data Technology research Use a confocal microscopy Search literature on clinical trials Write papersAdjust methodslifesciencemanaging a small teamPre-study procedures Protocol managementProvide medical insightsPublish scientific projectsQuality control processQuality testing of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs)Read medical literatureResearch at universitiesReview inclusion criteriaReview quality control activitiesSearch literature on clinical trialsSet-up quality policiesSupervise data processingSupervise techniciansValidate dataVerify dataWork under specific instructionswrite and maintain clinical evaluation reportsWrite clinical evaluation reportsWrite papersWrite protocolsWritten presentation


  • Diploma in Health Science from Free university of Brussels (ULB) in 2005
  • Master in Molecular Biotechnology from Molecular genetic department, Ghent Univerisity in 2003
  • Master in Biochemistry from East China Normal University in 1989
  • Bachelor in Biochemistry from East China Normal University in 1982


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    Expert has 7 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Bruxelles, Belgique


Driving License
  • No

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