What are the roles and responsibilities of project managers? Start here!

What does a project manager do?


First of all project managers need to inspire and provide vision to the project team members. With their passion, they create a more productive working atmosphere. They also need to determine the strategy, goals, and metrics from the project. And on top of that, the project manager helps to define the responsibilities and tasks of the other team members. They also resolve personal and cross-functional conflicts to better the functioning of the team. And of course, they also listen to individual team members, reassuring and stimulating them to best answer their team role.


A major role for project managers is to make sure information flows smoothly in all directions. Up to senior management and corporate partners, but also sideways to project peers and downwards to the technicians in order to support a project. The project manager will, for example, present the team to the rest of the organization.

Meeting management

Project managers spend an important portion of their time to running meetings, scheduling them or creating agendas,…

Resource allocation

Project managers take care of deadlines and funds. They are connected with the financing unit in order to determine the necessary money for the project. They need to track expenses and budget staffing requirements. The project manager adjusts the budget according to the needs. They further anticipate budgets and staffing shortfalls. And they will ask for additional funding if needed.

Strategy and decision management

The project manager attempts to generate consensus among the team members. If agreement cannot be reached, project managers must take the final decision. They need to understand when to include higher management and they should be able to present them the team’s consensus.

Problem solving

The project manager should have sufficient technical know-how to solve difficulties or know whom to involve. They are the ones that will keep things moving if complex situations appear.


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