Appreciating employees is as important for business as appreciating customers

It is time to show your employees that you care and value their input in your organisation. Here are some of the dos and don’ts in doing so.



The last working day of February is the Employee Appreciation Day. This year, it is marked on 2nd of March. And while there is no doubt that employers should value their staff every day of the year as compared to just one, this might just be the nudge leadership figures need to change their attitude in the workplace.

What is it?

The Employee Appreciation Day is not an official holiday by any means. It has nonetheless become increasingly popular in the corporate world where managers have accounted for the fact that many of their employees value more the recognition and empowerment of the individuals over the slight increase in the paycheck.

The Stats and Science on Employee Appreciation

For a good few decades now, both science and statistical surveys of workers provide us with irrefutable data on why and how actively and consistently showing your appreciation for your employees is vital for the sustainability of your organization.

Money vs corporate culture

According to a relatively recent Gallup survey, only 1 in 3 employees who feel engaged with the organization would consider leaving their current position for a similar job paying 20% more. This means that for 2/3 of the workforce, the size of the paycheck is not the only determinant for choosing a workplace. At the same time, more than half of the workers who do not feel involved with their organization would not think twice before moving on for the fifth increase in salary.

The need for appreciation

It is not about being insecure or about being needy! Humans are social creatures and our motivation to contribute to our society directly correlates to the feedback we get on our efforts. Only with positive feedback and the right type of incentivizing, can workers remain motivated and involved in their work. Fehr et al. reviewed in the journal Academy of Management the benefits of gratitude for both organizations and employees. And while everyone would be happy to be financially rewarded for their hard work, research data shows that the expression of gratitude when due and the presentations of opportunities to grow and further develop individual strengths is very highly valued among employees of various age groups.

How to tell if your employees are unhappy?

Some obvious signs can alert a manager that their employees do not feel sufficiently appreciated.

High turnover

This is probably the most obvious sign that things in your organization are not optimized in a way that your employees feel like they matter. Some people like to challenge themselves with new projects, but the truth is that everyone feels uncomfortable and insecure when at a new position and it is exhausting for people to always be the novices. If your best experts still chose to leave at high rates, the existence of these opportunities to do so is not the only factor – your employee retention strategy is staling.

Lack of personal investment

Limited personal engagement and lack of new ideas are also very telling. If your employees do not feel motivated to brainstorm and discuss ways to organize and improve the performance of the company, it probably means that they do not put a second thought after they are done with the absolutely necessary personal activities. Passionate employees will come up with ideas and will be excited to share them, knowing they’d be at least considered by the team and management.

Isolation and lack of cooperation

Surprising for many managers still, is the fact that high performing employees would feel appreciated also when given the chance to share their effective practices with their colleagues. Top employees often have a vision for their organizations and are able to think strategically. They often also recognize the importance of the whole team performing to the best of their abilities. Thus, if your staff is not actively cooperating and people would rather finalize things on their own, you should be worried that they feel underappreciated and their opinions – unrecognized.

Know your employees

While finding a way to recognize and strengthen the involvement and personal investment of your employees in the organization is key, managers should be aware of the pitfalls of ineffective recognition programs.

You should ask yourself:
  • Would your recognition program incentivize people to cooperate and collaborate, or will it divide and push towards unnecessary competition between colleagues in your teams?
  • Is the organization of recreational events for your employees what would make them happy or will they feel forced to participate in events completely removing them from their comfort zones and look like they enjoy it?
  • Would a monthly stamp ‘Employee of the month’ be really beneficial to anyone (including the winner)? Or is it better to give the chance to your top-performing people to choose how further develop in their field and provide them with support and mentorship in the process?

In the end, whichever method you decide to show your employees that you value them, make sure you stick with it. The continuous effort to show you care will pay off more than most other investments in your organization and it can cost you next to nothing.  You can use the Employee Appreciation Day as an excuse to start a sort of reward program, but you should make sure that you don’t just go through the moves if you want your employees themselves to go the extra mile for your organization.

 World Day of Social Justice – 20th February 2018

World Day of Social Justice is observed on 20th February 2018. A day which is devoted to highlighting the issues like poverty, unemployment, and social exclusion. The ultimate purpose is to make people aware of the social barriers and how they affect our society. It’s a day when people look at and hope for a society which is barrier free. The society is divided by race, class, gender, religion, and culture. It’s not a day but a global mission of the development of human dignity and self-respect. By “Social Justice” it is meant to be a peaceful and prosperous co-existence among nations.


Back in 1995, 100 political leaders participated in world summit of Social Development held in Copenhagen, Denmark. They committed to work for poverty, full employment, and stable society. This plan of action was reviewed after 10 years in February 2005 in New York by the UN members. On November 26, the UN General assembly announced the 20th February will be observed as World Social Justice Day.  Although, the day was first celebrated in 2009. The theme for the last year’s Social Justice Day was “Preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work”.


A Society for All

One of the major goals of the day is to ensure full employment and social integration.  Many International organizations like UN and International Labour Office raise their voices against social injustice and propose plans for the equality and fundamental values of the society. This day highlights the importance of human rights, fundamental freedom, solidarity, and equality on regional, national and international level. Human dignity is worth far beyond any race, religion or class. It aims to implement “a society for all”.


2018 theme: Workers on the Move: the Quest for Social Justice

This year the theme is focused on the hurdles of migrant workers. According to ILO (International Labour Organization), there are 150 million migrant workers. These migrant are suffering for the good work opportunities. Directly or indirectly the poor employment opportunities are the major cause of the migration. According to UN official website, 56 percent are men and 44 are women. The migrant workers are participating more in labor force than non-migrants. The higher amount of migrants labor force is the indication of either higher unemployment rate or unjustified division of work opportunities in the society. The consequences are people are left with no other choice than to move.



Exploitative Recruitment Practices

Migration costs you separation of family, loneliness, emotional frustration, and lack of social life. The migrants are always at the risk of exploitation. At times, they suffer from poor wages, working conditions against human rights, and poor health conditions. The price they pay for having good work opportunities is not worth it. It is indeed a challenging phase to adjust to a completely new environment and never-ending hurdles caused by the social injustice.


Social Protection System

A society is enriched with social justice if there is talent or skill based Career opportunities regardless of gender, religion, color, and disability. The communities are socially justified if people are open to socializing regardless of class differences. Social protection system ensures people have facilitated on equality basis without any bias.

I own my resume! Rigth?

The question might seem a bit strange and I can already hear you say: “me of course!”

But not so in Recruiterland

An entire multi-billion dollar industry has been built on the trade in résumés. Companies who work with third-party recruitment agencies to attract new employees, pay these agencies the so-called “finder’s fee” for each successful hire. Fees range from 15 up to 30% of a yearly salary (and in some cases even more). In case of a successful hire, the agency that first introduced the candidate to the company will be entitled to the commission. This is how the battle over résumés began and the reason why there are so many recruitment agencies today; it’s big business.

There is a lot of money to be earned with résumés and it’s a very competitive market so if you have been wondering why certain agencies are kind of aggressive in their approach and are trying to pressure you to accept job offers, this is the reason why. Don’t be fooled and make sure you stay in control of your own résumé and be picky about who you trust.

One might question the added value of intermediate agencies anyhow. Examples like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and many others have shown that there are different ways. And to be honest, imagine what the effects on an organization could be if instead of having to spend all this money on fees for recruitment agencies, companies could spend it on training and development plans for employees. Wouldn’t that be a better investment?


But who can you trust? You can ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Are they transparent?
  2. Do they give you the company name and a precise job description? If they don’t, it’s because they are afraid that you apply directly to the company and in that case, they would miss out on the commission in case the company would hire you.
  3. Do they show interest in you when you describe to them what it is that you are looking for or are they just trying to sell you a job in for example sales because that is what you have always done before?
    If they don’t listen to what you have to say, they only care about getting you into another sales function because that is where there will be the highest chance of a match, meaning, yes, commission.
  4. What’s in it for you?
    If you decide to send them your résumé, what will they do for you? What is the service that you will receive from them?
  5. Are they making salary suggestions to you that sound a bit over the top to you?
    Again, think about the 15-30% of the yearly salary that they will get when they succeed in getting you to sign a contract.


At BrightOwl we ensure you that you are still in charge of your résumé. Check this out!

  1. We provide a transparent platform, where companies can look for you for you, the Expert, and where you, can browse through jobs. Companies can browse through your blinded profiles. A blinded profile includes all the information you fill out on you profile EXCEPT: your name, profile picture, and current/previous employer.
  2. If you look for a job on our platform you will always see the precise job description and company name. When you open a full job description, you get redirected to the company’s website.
  3. We have an online platform that looks for the best match with your profile. You can also add a few keywords to narrow down your search.
  4. When you are interested in a job, you can like/favorite it. When a company also shows interest in your profile, they can send you a contact request. Only when you accept their invitation, your contact details will be shared and further steps can be taken.
  5. Our tool is a third party, that connects Experts and companies in life science all over the world. We don’t have any interference in salary negotiations. Our job is to match you with the job, you are looking for. And a company with the Expert they are looking for.

Resume ! Mistakes To Avoid

The resume is the first impression. The Chances of successful job hunt can be increased by avoiding these resume mistakes. Always do proofreading of your resume, use a professional email address. Never lie about your experience.Putting up a photo on a resume is not a professional approach. You can always give a link to LinkedIn. Keep your resume updated with the latest work and experience. Make your resume to showcase your skills in the best possible way.


The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Job Switch

Job satisfaction varies on everyone’s personal preferences. But generally few factors are common when we count on how satisfied you are from your job. These include growth opportunities, skills enhancement, learning, security, pay, respect, and management behaviors. It’s not merely about satisfaction, it’s about how accomplished one feels at work, how much his work excites him to take challenges? How work compels someone to think out of the box? How involved are you in your work? If these questions fall yes to you, you’re at the right place and you’re doing the work you love to do. That’s probably the best way to increase the productivity.

The Impact

Job satisfaction has very strong impact on employee’s performance and interest in the workplace. The more satisfied employees tend to be more productive ones. The more satisfied a person is the higher level of commitment he shows towards the tasks. The employee will be initiative, productive and put up more efforts in his work to achieve beyond the task assigned to him. Productivity is dependent on mental health. Creative thinking can be done only if you are mentally relaxed. The frustrated mind cannot produce great ideas.

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Career Building Tips

Career building is an exciting phase of life. This is the stage where finally you are ready to practice the skills and can dream of quality life. It’s the time when you have to get the lead. Career building is a long journey. It takes years to build a career worth inspiring. It certainly requires dedication, passion, hard work and focus on goals to be a successful professional. Everyone desires for a successful career because it gives you the feeling of accomplishment and achievement. One of the major reasons for seeking success in your career is our society’s mindset about social status. Besides status there are many other opportunities and outcomes will embrace you along with the career boost up.


Here are few tips which can help in building the career.

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