World Kidney Day – 8th March 2018

World KidneyDay


World Kidney Day is observed to raise the awareness of how important role kidney plays in our overall health status.  World Kidney Day is a global Health campaign observed each year on the second Thursday of March. The day was first observed in 2006 by 66 countries and has not stopped ever since. The number was increased to 88 countries after two years in 2008.


First Ever World Kidney Day

Each year different Health organizations create events for the common man to get aware of kidney diseases and preventions and to realize the fact that kidney diseases are curable. The first-ever celebration of world Kidney day was initiated by the joint committee of “International Society of Nephrology and International Federation of Kidney Foundations”. The purpose of the day is to minimize the occurrence of kidney diseases by the adoption of precautions by common people and to look for new technologies of treatments.

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