KFG BrightOwl Game

Welcome to the BrightOwl, Knowledge for Growth game!
We made this game to help you relax in between the lectures.

Will you be the first to solve the puzzle?


How does it work?

In total, there are 10 clues.
They will help you find the answer to our little game.
All clues will be given during the Knowledge for Growth convention.
Can you find the answer before it ends?

To solve the puzzle, find the password to unlock this page:




Here you’ll be able to prove that you’ve worked it out and found all the answer to the clues!


The clues

Here you can find all the clues we’ve launched so far. This page will update whenever we tweet out a new clue.
Make sure you never miss a clue by following our Twitter or keeping an eye on #kfgthegame and #kfg2018 on Twitter as well.



Clue 1:


Clue 2:
What do these images have in common?


Clue 3: 


Clue 4:


Clue 5:


Clue 6:
Take a look at the Knowledge For Growth porgramme at 09:25 and 14:50. What do you notice?
Tip: We’re looking for similarities


Clue 7:



Clue 8:


Clue 9:


Clue 10: