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Is Your Recruitment Process Millennial Friendly?

Is Your Recruitment
Process Millennial Friendly?

When it comes to recruiting millennials, traditional
human resources (HR) strategies won’t do the trick. Welcome to the generation
that wants more than a fair salary and a great benefits package, because those are
simply not enough for them. Millennials have already trailblazed their way into
businesses where a growing number of companies have changed their workplace
environment and culture.

Come 2020, millennials will
make up 50% off the workforce and by 2025, they’re expected
to make up 75% of the global labour force. With an expanding presence and
influence in labour markets around the globe, assessing whether your current
recruitment process is attractive to Generation Y is of the essence if you want
to stay ahead of the trend.

Millenial calling with smartphone for job interview

To win over the right talents from the expansive pool
of millennials, you need an effective and impactful recruitment process. Below
are several questions that can help you assess your company’s existing
recruitment strategy and whether they’re correctly targeting millennials.

Are You Posting Job Ads Online?

Millennials are a tech-savvy bunch and they have a
strong affinity for social media. In fact, 90% of 18-29-year old individuals
use social media, based on a 2015 Pew Internet study. What recruiters
thus can’t deny is the importance of social media platforms when it comes to reaching
out to millennials across various sectors.

Social media has become ingrained in the lives of
millennials, hence why having an online presence as an employer could allow you
to widen your candidate search. When it comes to accommodating to millennial
candidates, shifts in this particular recruitment process have become nothing
short of revolutionary.

Millenials enjoying life after work

What Are Your Corporate Values?

An employer can’t connect to millennials in the
recruitment process without making the company’s corporate values clear. While
it may not seem like a huge deal, to a millennial, it is important that you demonstrate
workplace transparency during the early stages of recruitment. Remember that
this is a generation that experienced the Global Financial Crisis where the
lack of corporate transparency led to various downward changes in their career

Millennials are also a group that upholds the
importance of ethos and principles, thus if your company claims to be
transparent and socially driven, then you must prove it. It’s not uncommon to
find Generation Y candidates opting for companies whose values are in line with
their personal values. One thing is clear with millennials, you have to walk
the walk or just they won’t be bothered with joining your team.

Are You Properly Updating Candidates?

No one likes uncertainty, but millennials are
especially put off when they’re left in the grey area concerning any step of
the recruitment process. Generation Y are fully aware that HR departments are
constantly occupied and can forget to update a candidate over their
application. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay for an employer to be
forgetful as it reflects badly in the eyes of millennial candidates.

As such, you should make use of millennials’ social
media savviness in the recruitment process by creating a custom app where potential
candidates can keep track of their application status
. The app keeps
millennials in the loop, helping to build appreciation for your company’s HR
team, and it’s also a highly cost-effective recruitment strategy for employers.

What’s the Interview Experience Like?

The next important assessment you need to make is related
to your company’s interview process, because millennials are all about experience.
Rigid interview styles just won’t work for millennials, given their habit to be
more comprehensive in knowing about your company and the reasons why they
should choose you.

A great way to fulfil the experience-oriented interview
is by showing them around the office and being flexible about the interview
options. Employers who are open to video interviews in the initial meeting would
appeal better to millennials as the company exemplifies an openness towards flexibility
and greater employee understanding.

Are Overseas Assignments Likely to Happen?

Approximately 71% of millennials are eager and
expect to carry out assignments abroad at some point in their career. This
finding is in keeping with millennials’ avidness of travel, which is driven by
their desire for experiences. If an employer is able to offer overseas
assignments, then it will definitely help to widen the net of millennial

Millenials going overseas for experiences

Are You Offering Development Opportunities?

Millennials are mostly accustomed to learning and
growing hence why it’s important for an employer to be clear about development
opportunities within the company. The moment a millennial employee feels like
they’re stagnating, it is highly probable that they will depart from the
company. Imagine if they felt that there’d be no growth opportunities from the
initial interviews; it’d be difficult to convince them to be part of your
company. Therefore, as a recruiter, you have to lay out the foundations of professional
development plans early in the recruitment process in order to attract a robust
millennial workforce.

Last modified: May 22, 2019

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