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Can Emotional Partners Be Successful Business Partners?

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On May 9, 2019

Can Emotional Partners Be Successful Business Partners?

It is not uncommon for couples to decide to form a business partnership besides the emotional one. After all, who would you trust more than your spouse or a life partner? However, having a great relationship doesn’t mean that you can form a perfect business partnership.

After all, it won’t come effortlessly and you will both have to compromise in order for the business to succeed. But, nonetheless, many life partners bond over a business plan as well and set an example for others to do it as well. So, if you are wondering if emotional partners can be successful in business together, here are some suggestions on how it can work.

1.    Keep your personal life separate

The moment you allow your personal and professional lives to mix, you will face numerous challenges that will lead to arguing and lack of fun in the relationship. It’s nice to spend time together working on something and being successful at it, but you need to have personal time as well. Go for a walk, to the theatre or hang out with your friends during weekends and off-work hours.

Also, find individual interests that will keep you separated from each other for a couple of hours. Everyone needs some personal space and time for themselves, so find a hobby or another activity that will help you unwind. It’s important to determine time together and time apart so you would have a healthy and lasting relationship both at work and at home. 

2.    Appear as a united front before your employees

You won’t agree on everything, and that is okay since your business needs critical thinking and different points of views in order to cover all corners. But when addressing your employees, you should always appear as a united front in order to keep the atmosphere in the company calm and harmonious. If you really don’t agree with something right on the spot, try to be subtle and respectful when pointing it out.

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The last thing you want is to create situations that will make employees choose between your too since that can lead to hostile working environments. While you won’t agree on all things all the time, there is a peaceful and practical solution for every situation. Additionally, you would set an example to your employees how to calmly resolve issues and approach the work responsibilities together.

3.    Work on ideas together

The strength comes in numbers and it is also a valid premise here as well. After all, brainstorming is intended to include as many people as possible in order to come to great solutions and ideas. This approach will help you when you get stuck and can’t think of any way to resolve the situation.

Go out for a picnic or brunch and discuss some ideas, concepts and possible future ventures together to come up with the decision together. It’s important that the environment is not stressful and you can comfortably try to figure out your next step or how to improve your business.

4.    Ensure yourself legally before working together

While being romantic and believing in happily ever after is good for a relationship, in business you have to be more realistic. The best way to start your commercial partnership is by hiring legal representation like Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers and see how you can protect your business. Namely, in case of separation or divorce, it’s best to know what will happen to the shares you and your spouse have in the company.

This way, you will be able to negotiate additional terms, know where you would stand from a legal point of view and find out what to do with your business in case you can’t reach an appropriate agreement. It may not be something you will feel happy to deal with now when your relationship is going great. However, it’s just a precaution and a prudent business move that will ensure you both part ways or continue to work together in a comfortable setting.

5.    Respect working hours

Just like not bringing your work to home is important for you individually, it’s imperative for you as a couple. Once the working day is over, clock out and head home to relax and enjoy some downtime. Of course, there will be times when you will have to work late nights and even weekends, but don’t make it a habit.

Don’t forget to respect the working hours
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Overtiring yourself will not bring more profit or success and may even lead to mistakes that can cost you both. So, establish your working hours and agree that you will both respect them unless the situation demands otherwise.


When emotional partners start working together, they are put before a number of challenges which they need to conquer in order to be successful business partners. From deciding how to balance their working hours and personal time to have in place legal precautions to protect their business, they will face some trying moments. However, this is not an impossible endeavor and can even be long-lasting venture if the couple can manage to compromise and share.

Last modified: May 7, 2019

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