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Want To Make Your Sales Team More Efficient? Here’s How!

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On April 15, 2019

Want To Make Your Sales Team More Efficient? Here’s How!

According to a automated texting service, communication is essential to success and in this article we look at how and why.

Communication Makes For Efficiency

With effective communication, less mistakes are made. The less mistakes that are made, the more money the company saves and the more efficient it is overall.

So, now that we know that communication is the key to better efficiency, we have to look at how best to achieve better communication especially when it comes to your sales team.

Communication, by and large, is a face-to-face endeavor, and you should always strive to have this kind of communication with your sales staff to ensure that your message is clear and understood. Any questions can be cleared up in these encounters, which is vital when you need everyone on the same page as you. Next to face-to-face communication, written communication is another tool you need in your arsenal. Having written communication helps to squash ambiguity.

How To Use Technology

Thanks to technology, communicating with your employees and sales staff is easier than ever. While in the past, meetings and memos were the order of the day, today we have texting, video calls, emails, and social media. A good company will be effective at using each one of these or a combination to better communicate with their team.

Make use of technology

Make Data Easily Accessible

Another key to effective communication is making internal documents and essential information readily available to those people who need it. Thanks to technology, this is easily achieved with automated texts, which according to sources are opened at a rate of 98%. Also consider the age of your workforce. According to Forbes, most millennials prefer texting over emails.

Go Social

Set up a social intranet within the company to modernize your internal communications and ensure that messaging occurs in a timely fashion.

Make Connections Strong

Make Connections Strong

If you want an efficient sales team you need to create strong connections between managers and employees. Text messaging helps to level the field and keeps management and employees on an even plane to operate more effectively.

Make Use of Mobile

Since most of us are on our cell phones all day, it’s in your interest to make use of mobile communication for your employees. Remember that people are open to receiving text messages throughout the day, not just at work, which makes mobile messaging very effective.

Make use of Mobile

Get it in Writing

Putting information into writing helps to boost understanding. Words spoken at a meeting can be interpreted or may not be heard, but putting it in black and white ensures for better communication.

Celebrate Achievements

Another tool to keep your sales team and employees engaged is to celebrate the achievements you accomplish together; this boosts confidence and morale and makes your team work harder.


Lastly, sending out mass text reminders to your team keeps everyone on their toes and helps to ensure they don’t miss important meetings, appointments, messages or updates.

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