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How smart employees are boosting their prospects with personal blogs

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On March 27, 2019

Blogs truly are powerful enough to change people’s lives. Just look at the number of influential bloggers out there. Which goes to show that blogs are not just for businesses but individuals as well. You can bet that a number of employees working for businesses, from small to corporations, own a blog of their own. It presents them with a chance to share their expertise with the public. But it doesn’t just stop there, many times their blogs will come under the radar of other organizations, increasing their prospects.


Starting a blog presents individuals with a chance to indirectly engage with possible employers. This happens even when they are employed; a blog presents them with the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights. We have the insights of exactly how these employees are doing this.


Picking a niche and sticking to it

It doesn’t matter if they are fresh or have a decade worth of experience under their belt. Smart employees will pick the industry they are in as their specific niche to blog about. This allows them to cater to and engage other businesses within the niche. So for example, a marketer will create a blog that highlights various marketing tactics and enables businesses to enhance their marketing strategy. They will stick to this particular niche and not stray too far from it.


From time to time they may blog about something else, but they know if they truly want to make the most of their blog, they need to stick to this particular niche. This enables them to truly engage and build a relationship with their audience. It also allows them to get into details about a topic that they enjoy and either want to or already have made a career out of.


Sharing their expertise

To truly boost their prospects, an individual needs to share their expertise. They provide in-depth insight into topics related to their field. For example, an employee within HR would have a blog in which they share not just information about how to find a job. But they will get into the nitty-gritty by telling individuals how to write a resume, organizations on how to streamline their hiring process, how to make most of your headhunting approach, and so on. They tackle the topic from every angle and make sure they give actionable suggestions to readers be it individuals looking for job or organizations looking for employees. This approach shows that the individual is well aware of the scope of HR and would shine working for any organization in the department.


An approach like this doesn’t just show the employee’s knack for HR but also their knowledge about marketing, research, and writing. Which are skills that every business values.


Creating a brand

Blogs help individuals establish their brand just as it does for businesses. They do this by sharing their expertise in their particular industry. Think Neil Patel, who has made a brand out of his blogs. But blogs present individuals an opportunity to create their own brand without investing much more than their time and effort. As they continuously blog and share valuable information, their brand gains more attention and grows which impacts their prospect, in a good way.


Engaging the industry

Whether an organization is aware of an employee having a blog or not, you can be certain that their competition is. Especially if the employee has made a brand out of their blog. The top professionals with blogs use it to market themselves, using it as a way to attract others from within the industry.


While the attention they get is unintentional, if they have a high level of knowledge and know how to share it, chances are they are bound to attract competing organizations within the industry. Which increases the chances of them being poached. But that doesn’t mean that a business should discourage their employees from blogging. It should actually be encouraged because at the same time you can leverage the employee’s blog to also attract customers for your business. Just make sure to keep them happy so the chances of them leaving are minimum.



The blog is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. When it is utilized properly it can help businesses generate sales and individuals boost their own prospects. Which shows the type of impact blogs can have for those that know how to use it.

Last modified: March 27, 2019

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How smart employees are boosting their prospects with personal blogs

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