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5 Productivity Tips for Digital Nomads

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On March 11, 2019

Digital nomadism is a lifestyle like any other and it would be outright wrong, even pretentious, to say that it’s either effective or ineffective, good or bad. You see, it is what you make it out to be. On the one hand, it gives you full freedom to organize your life habits, your time and your living situation in any way possible while not disrupting your work. However, it’s more than clear how this thing would be complicated from a logistical standpoint. With that in mind and without further ado, here are five productivity tips that all digital nomads should take into consideration in order to improve their productivity.

1. External battery

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that you might not always be able to reach your charger in time and, for a digital nomad, this is a simply horrifying thought. This means a loss of work, a loss of time and even a loss of contact with a potentially important client. This is why you should always have an external battery at hand. Combined with power-saving mode that most devices have, this should be able to prolong the life of your battery considerably. Still, keep in mind that once you enter this grey zone, you need to be extra careful, seeing as how no amount of organization will help you if you go too heavy on the apps.

2. Wi-Fi map

At the present day, finding free Wi-Fi shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. However, for someone who relies on this for work, embarking on such an adventure might not be safe enough. Instead, you need to know exactly how and when you’ll have access to Wi-Fi and, if the connection at your current location seems to be too slow, you need to know how you can find an alternative. Fortunately, with an app such as Wi-Fi Map, this shouldn’t be as difficult. Nonetheless, it’s advised that you consult the map prior to leaving your room in the morning, so that you can, at least, have an outline of the itinerary in your head.


3. Two-in-one devices

The reason why a smartphone is an irreplaceable gadget in 2019 is due to the fact that it is a multi-purpose device. Nevertheless, when it comes to working, the screen may be too small and the keyboard may turn out to be completely impractical. This is why laptops and tablets are more commonly used for these purposes. So, how do you prioritize when you have to pack light? Well, if you get a two-in-one device like Lenovo X1 Yoga, you won’t really have to choose. This means that you can turn this device into either a laptop or fold it into a tablet at your own behest. When it comes to productivity in the digital era, nothing gives a greater boost than flexibility and versatility.

4. Tech-free time

Some people see the phenomenon of the digital nomad with an emphasis on the word – digital. The problem with this lies in the fact that it greatly limits you in terms of enjoying this lifestyle to the fullest. In order to avoid this problem, you need to get some tech-free time. Let’s be honest, this kind of lifestyle keeps you exposed to technology 24/7 which, although convenient, isn’t really that healthy for your mental state. Take at least one hour per day to fall off the grid and you’ll be able to rest, recuperate and prepare yourself for all the tasks that come ahead.

5. Limiting multitasking

Finally, there are so many talks about multitasking being one of the most important skills in the present-day digital world. On the other hand, not many people know that this kind of lifestyle may leave some serious repercussions when it comes to your health. First of all, by doing this too often, you’ll lose the ability to focus on one thing at once. Paradoxically, you’ll even have a problem to fully switch between tasks, due to the fact that you’re accustomed to doing them both at once.


Other than this, your ability to acquire a skill will also suffer. There’s an estimate that you need to spend 10,000 hours doing something in order to master it. What if you’re never that committed to a single task or skill? How much time will you need and will this time be as effectively spent? Lastly, multitasking may have a negative impact on your mindfulness.



Sure, living the life of a digital nomad leaves a lot of room for spontaneity and adventures, but in order to provide a steady income to support this, you need to develop a healthy routine and there’s simply no way around it. These five tips may help you do just that.

Last modified: March 11, 2019

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