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Choosing the right career path after High School

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On February 5, 2019

A new chapter begins in one’s life right after they cross the threshold of high school. This is one of the most crucial times of one’s life since a major decision requires attention. Career. Right after one finishes high school, it becomes mandatory to choose the right career path. Children might often be confused about which course to take. All might seem very difficult to understand at the beginning. In addition to that, peer pressure might be yet another thing throwing the children in a never-ending whirlpool of confusion. Under such circumstance, it rests completely on the parents to show the children the right career path.

Though there are many ways to go about the process, the following steps might be of use:


Consulting Guidance Counselors and Career Services:

Most schools these days appoint career counselors and guidance services. The complexity of the education system and the pressure that it brings on the students make it the crucial to having such services readily available. Most of the career counselors stationed in the various schools are readily available for the senior classes on the verge of completing their school education. These counselors consult with the students and the parents to understand the knack of the children. They then guide the parents in choosing the right career path for their kids. Schools generally have information about the various colleges, vocational courses, career schools and others which may come in hand for the parents as well as the students.


Make a List of The Professions Your Child Wants To Pursue:

Encourage your children to make a list of the professions they want to pursue. This way, you get to understand his/her inclinations. Your child may not want to go into the corporate. He/she may want to pursue his/her love for arts. Do not kill those thoughts. In fact, encourage them to identify the various scopes that the different professions offer. You can also hire a private tutor to get personalized consultancy. If you can’t find any expert in your locality, you can opt for online tutoring service. These services are also helpful to get subject-specific tutoring for your child.


Identify Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses:

As parents, you are sure to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the time to build on those. You may come across many children who will be taking up quite a few challenging professions. A lot will be taking up Science. But do not pressurize your child on doing the same if he/she is not comfortable. Always bear in mind, that the choices made at this point are very important and will last for a lifetime. Additionally, identify the values that your child has. Does he/she have leadership skills? Does he/she enjoy independence?

All these factors become important while choosing the right career path.


Explore The Various Options Available:

Thanks to the introduction of diverse courses in schools, multiple career options are now available. Do not stick only to the ones commonly known. Many parents consider Science subjects the end of the world. However, such ideas are futile in the current times. There are quite a few challenging career option which does not require a science background.  Make sure that the career your children selects is best suited to their interest. Many people often opt for jobs which they have no interest in. Such people end up unhappy and unsatisfied with their work profile. Under such circumstance, not only their creativity but also the work suffers.


Plan out Your Career Path:

After choosing the perfect career suiting to your children’s interest, it is important to chalk out a process which leads to the fulfillment of the set goal. In the current times, there is no scope for the mediocre and the average students. One has to be the best. For that purpose, specialized training and courses are required. Thus once the career is selected, it is important to get registered for specialized courses and classes. As parents, you must always be on a hunt to find out institutes which offer specialized courses for your children. In this light, talking to the guidance counselor or career guide can be if help. However, while all this is important, do not let your child limit his/hers focus only on education. Motivate them to think beyond education. Get them to research on the various career prospects, their 10-year goals, their micro goals and such.

Help your children to select what’s best for him/her. Help them set up the foundation of their career.

Last modified: February 5, 2019

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