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7 Tips on Finding a Job Abroad for College Graduates

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On February 28, 2019

Somehow, graduating from college always seems so far away until one day, you receive your diploma. All of a sudden, you have your degree and nowhere to use it! But don’t despair if you can’t find a career in your home country. For many people, working abroad after graduation is a dream life filled with excitement, new experiences and new people. Aside from putting your education to use, you will get to fine-tune your skills in a foreign country and build your resume. But how can you find a job abroad if you’re a college graduate? Here are a few tips that can help.


Do your research

If starting your new work adventure is making you feel super excited, it’s time to tone it down and start slowly. Check the internet and search for programs that fit your idea of what you want to do and achieve. Do your homework, research everything you can find online and don’t hesitate to ask for advice. There are program reviews that can give you first-hand impressions and there are program providers you can contact and ask questions from. If you can get in contact with other program alumni, they will certainly give you plenty of information on what you can really expect.


Find program providers

Program providers are a great source of work. They can get you a job, an internship and even volunteering options all around the world. With their extensive experience and connections, they can help you sort out everything that you planned to do and didn’t even know you need to do. For an additional fee (it ranges from agency to agency) they can even hook you up with a visa,  job placement and accommodation. If you know your organizational skills need some work, program providers are your best chance of finding work and leaving your home country.


Share your knowledge

Teaching is one of the best jobs for foreigners, especially college graduates. Everywhere you go, you will be able to find a decent teaching job and make an impact on kids, teens and adults. For instance, if you wish to teach English, you will not only give education but also pick up a bit of the local language and expand your own knowledge. However, if you’re a non-native speaker planning to teach English in any of the native English speaking countries (and those that use English as a first language) you’ll need to get a TESL certificate. Luckily, you can enroll in one of the programs like Monkey Tree ESL, get your certificate and teach English to non-native citizens. A course like this can perfect all your language skills and even tackle your weak points in order to get you where you want to be—teaching English!




Take up freelancing

If you’re a writer, web designer, vlogger or a photographer, you’re in luck. These are the things you can do from all over the globe and live as a digital nomad. You can easily earn money, find your audience and grow your clientele while traveling the world. If you’re not the kind of person that can stand a boring 9-5 cubicle job, you’ll love being a digital nomad. It will allow you to pursue your passion while living abroad and earning an income. This way of emigrating is ideal for self-made entrepreneurs who live to be free and have a flexible schedule.


Join a work exchange program

If you have a shoe-string budget, joining a work exchange program is the best solution for you. It’s the closest thing to traveling for free! Basically, you can do anything from joining a marketing internship in Israel to working in the hospitality industry in Iceland. You will work in exchange for your accommodation, so the only thing you need to worry about is your visa. This work abroad option is best for those with a bad financial plan but an excellent sense of adventure.


Try volunteering

If all you want to do when you finish college is give back to the community, you can take your passion abroad and help people all over the world. Of course, your work experience won’t be paid in money, but you will get excellent communication and problem-solving skills that will be more valuable than any paycheck. If you don’t have to worry about finance but still want to do something important and meaningful, take up volunteering.




Move, then decide

If you have the means to just pack your bags and leave, do it. You don’t have to have a plan before you reach your destination! If you start applying to positions early, find a good network of recruiters and do research on your destination, you can easily hit the ground running!

Now that you got your college degree, a world of possibilities lies before you. From teaching to volunteering, there has to be a job waiting for you abroad! Don’t miss a chance to test your skills away from your motherland. Who knows, maybe you get to find you forever-home!

Last modified: February 28, 2019

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