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Unusual Jobs You Might Want to Consider

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On January 24, 2019

If you’re searching for a new job and desperately in need of adventure and thrill, just keep on reading because you’re definitely at the right place! Here are four unusual jobs you should take into consideration, so check them out and figure out which career path you really want to take!

Professional taste tester

A lot of people nowadays live by the following saying: ’do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’, and you know what? Professional taste testers are probably those people! Basically, this job is about tasting foods such as chocolate, taking breaks between bites to write down notes before indulging one more time. However, it isn’t actually just about eating, as being a food taster usually means that you have to be some kind of food scientist as well. Apart from analyzing biological, chemical, and physical properties of food, a lot of professional taste testers also have a task to run taste panels, evaluate new recipes, speak at various events, five feedback to chefs, and many more, which is exactly what makes this job so amazing!

Voice-over actor

In case you weren’t familiar with the concept, voice-over actors are those who narrate movies, video games, foreign films, and commercials, as well as those who work as the voices of cartoon characters. So, if you’ve ever been told that you have a superb voice, but you don’t really know how to put it to good use – look no further because this job is perfect for you! This is a really flexible way to make an income in the first place, which is what makes it so awesome. However, make sure to understand that having a unique, distinctive voice won’t be enough, even though it’s quite helpful. Standing out from the crowd will take a lot of practice and effort, but you’ll see that it’s completely worth it once you master this skill!

Oil rig worker

On the other hand, if you’re a hard-working, energetic individual who craves exciting locations and an adventurous job, being an oil rig worker is highly likely to live up to your expectations! Everyone knows that oil rig workers do hard labor and work long hours, but trust us when we say that working on an offshore oil rig will meet your needs – especially in terms of salary, as such careers provide great pay. Besides that, you’ll also receive extra benefits that will help you maintain your fine working condition, and guess what? Your family will be taken care of while you work, too. It really doesn’t matter if you’ll be driving a tank or operating robust oilfield equipment, working on an oil rig will undoubtedly satisfy your desire for adventure!

Soil conservationist

Last but certainly not least, soil conservationist is a fantastic job for people who are concerned with conservation and ‘green’ issues that have become essential over the last few years. Basically, the main job of a soil conservationist is to create plans to prevent erosion and develop practices for sustainable land use. The good news is that you can work in either private sector or for the government, and we must also emphasize that this profession is vital in particular regions of the country such as coastal areas, which are susceptible to the impacts of erosion. As building on this type of land is extremely challenging, it has to be carefully documented by soil conservationists. So, if you have a BA in environmental studies or agricultural science, this job may be the right one for you!

As you can see, there are a lot of unusual jobs you should definitely take into consideration. Apart from being really exciting, these are high-paying at the same time, which is the advantage you shouldn’t overlook. So, if you’re searching for a new job and you want to stay away from the classic office jobs, just bear these four in mind and you won’t make a mistake!

Last modified: January 24, 2019

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