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4 Effective Ways to Beat Burnout in The Workplace

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On January 30, 2019

Employee burnout is a harsh reality in most companies, and the situation is only getting worse. A study by Gallup found that 23 percent of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44 percent stated that they feel burned out sometimes. So this is starting to seem like an epidemic, and if you are feeling the symptoms, maybe it is time to make some changes and create a healthier lifestyle which will help you buffer the daily stress that comes with your job.



This might seem like an obvious thing, but it is actually the most important piece of advice you can get. When we feel overwhelmed with obligations we tend to go into survival mode and even start hyperventilating. The first thing is to step back, both physically from your workstation, and also, mentally from the issues at hand. When we step away and take a deep breath we will be able to deconstruct the stressful situation and start solving it piece by piece.


In most cases, things are a lot less scary than they initially seem, it takes a new perspective and a calm mind to help you see that. So, yes, from time to time take a step back, breathe and you will be able to tackle the stress and avoid overwhelming your mind, thus avoiding the burnout stage.


Introduce daily exercise to your itinerary


There is nothing better than exercise for getting the stress out of your system, all you have to do is be persistent and don’t miss a single gym appointment. Start with getting the right equipment, from the activewear that should include several pairs of quality tights and tops along with some comfortable gym shoes to the water bottle and a right pair of headphones. You can pack all this up in a stylish gym bag to take with you to work, and then squeeze an exercise routine into your lunch break.


That way you can get your body to relax and your mind to work far better for the rest of the day. In addition, if your job involves sitting at a desk in front of your computer the entire day, a well thought of exercise routine can help you maintain a far healthier posture thus eliminating the possibility of back and neck pain.


Make sure you prioritize properly

There is a pretty simple logic, if you are healthy and well-rested you will be able to manage your obligations in a far more productive manner. But in most cases, we push ourselves to the limit thus lowering our ability to focus which leads to even more stress because we are not finishing our tasks at a pace we planned, and thus the vicious circle is formed that inevitably leads to burnout.


So when we talk about prioritizing it should always be health and wellbeing in the first place and then everything else. That is the only way you can keep up with all the obligations you are juggling and maintain the quality of life you need in order to be successful, not just at your workplace but also in your private life.


Find the time and do the things you love


If you only divide your time between work and family, you are at risk of losing yourself in the process. Giving it all can leave you feeling empty and dissatisfied. This is why it is so important to make time and do the things you love and that you find fun and relaxing. Whether it is catching a movie, going to the theater, or even staying at home and reading a good book, you need to have your ‘me’ time, and there is no compromising.


No matter how much you love your family, interacting on the daily basis with your loved ones can also be stressful at times, and add to that your daily stress at work, and you’re quite likely to experience a burnout and much faster than you’d expect. So start rearranging your itinerary and find the time for doing the things you love, it will definitely help you stay healthy and mentally strong to withstand everything coming your way.


There you have it, 4 simple to follow yet quite effective ways to help you avoid workplace burnout and preserve your health. All you need to do is implement them as soon as possible.



Last modified: January 30, 2019

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