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The Impact of Office Lighting on Health and Productivity

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On December 5, 2018

Companies that understand what makes their workers more productive tend to get the most out of their staff, produce better quality products and generate more income. So, if you’re not satisfied with your employees, maybe you’re not providing them with the right work environment, mainly lighting. So, let’s see how illumination affects office workers and what you can do to improve it.

What’s wrong with artificial lighting?

One of the biggest culprits that lower productivity is dim lighting. Firstly, it causes eye strain and headaches because the eyes are constantly forced to work extra hard to see. Dim lighting can also trigger the feelings of drowsiness, which obviously affect focus and have a negative impact on health and productivity. Another usual suspect that decreases office workers’ performance is lighting that’s too harsh. It’s just as common and even more harmful to health and productivity. It too causes eye strain, triggers migraines, makes people moody and aggressive and makes it hard or even impossible to focus on the task at hand.

Why is natural light good?

On the other hand, we have natural lighting, which is the best way to illuminate any space, no matter if it’s commercial or residential. Windows (natural lighting) are one of the main things that increase the levels of satisfaction in building occupants! But why is sunlight so good for humans? Well, natural lighting affects people in two ways: directly, meaning that it affects what, when and how we can see, and indirectly, meaning that it affects our mood, focus, productivity and even physical health. So, it’s not really a surprise that offices with plenty of windows employ happier workers and experience less absenteeism and fewer sick days.

How to ensure your office is suitably lit?

If you take all the benefits of natural lighting into consideration, you will come to the conclusion that the best way to light a space is with sunlight. An office with many windows and blinds that are used to adjust the lighting levels is the best work environment for productivity and job satisfaction. You can also rethink your office layout and opt for an open floor plan with fewer obstacles, so the light can flow uninterrupted. This is more than doable all over the world, but it’s especially easy in areas that get a lot of sunlight like Australia. However, not even Oz can provide your office with proper lighting all year round, so you’ll need some help from overhead lighting. Just make sure to find a good commercial Sydney electrician to handle your installation and wiring in order to create a well-lit yet safe environment. A good professional can also install dimmers and light filters to minimize glare and any sort of eye strain and provide you with electrical emergency and maintenance services, so your office can be perfectly lit every day!

What kind of lighting to use?

Speaking of artificial lighting, there are many different types of illumination you can invest in, but working under “blue-enriched” lighting (over 5,000K) is the best option if you want to increase the performance of your employees. This color of light reduces fatigue and lowers melatonin levels (a hormone that basically puts us to sleep). So, make sure to keep blue light in rooms that require alertness and good concentration.  Warmer tones of light can be used in lobbies, break rooms and meeting rooms where you want to achieve the feeling of intimacy, relaxation and trust.

How to prevent other illumination issues?

Even though the lighting is the main culprit of illumination issues, it’s not the only one. For instance, if you replace your glossy surfaces with matte finishes, you can significantly reduce glare. Also, invest in electronics that have brightness and contrast adjustment options and angle all monitors away from lights and windows.

So, if you want to get the best out of your employees, utilize as much sunlight as you can and invest in proper artificial lighting. You will not only increase the productivity of your staff but also boost their health and happiness. And happy and healthy workers equal a more successful business!

Last modified: December 5, 2018

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The Impact of Office Lighting on Health and Productivity

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