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How to Travel around the World with a Medical Condition

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On December 19, 2018

Facing frequent health issues can sometimes make us feel like it’s impossible for us to do fun things anymore. We’re too afraid to try new things, and breaking our routines for any reason is a little too far out of our comfort zone. Traveling seems like the biggest challenge of all—medical problems are scary enough without you having to face them in an entirely different country.

However, if you want to travel and explore the world or, even better, if you want to test the waters of medical tourism, it’s completely possible to do it and remain safe. You don’t have to resign yourself to sitting at home all the time, and you don’t have to let your condition dictate your entire life. Interested in where to go and how to manage your health while you’re there? Then let us show you.



If you’re on chemotherapy you’ll need to contact your doctor for permission to travel. While most patients are just fine, air travel can be dangerous for certain conditions and you should also bear in mind that those who receive chemotherapy have an increased risk of contracting infections and developing blood clots. Of course, if your doctor okays the trip, consider traveling to Germany—a leader in oncology and cancer treatments, you can find plenty of centers that offer specialist care and some of the world’s most renowned experts. From Berlin and Hamburg to smaller cities such as Heidelberg, Siegburg, and Wiesbaden—there are many places where you can both take a vacation and find some excellent clinics.


Dermatological issues

While having a skin condition doesn’t sound like something that would prevent a person from traveling, psoriasis patients know that the reality is different. Triggered by stress and changes in climate, psoriasis can be difficult to wrangle if you don’t come prepared. If you take medication, bear in mind that certain products need to be kept cool, so bring them in an insulated bag and pack plenty of light, breathable clothes that won’t irritate your skin. Your destination of choice can be Malaysia—one of the most popular medical tourism spots, and an excellent pick for people who’re looking for affordable, innovative treatments in dermatology. Bring your sunscreen and go enjoy the beauties of this country.



Yes, it’s entirely possible for kidney patients to travel abroad and stay completely safe. However, bringing all your equipment with you is tricky because it’s so bulky and fragile, so the best thing to do is simply make sure that the country you’re going to can accommodate your needs. Greece is one of the top picks for patients facing renal failure, and you can find really good dialysis clinics and centers in Athens that will take care of you well. Bring your medical documentation, schedule dialysis appointments in advance, and enjoy the warm climate and the sea air of Greece.




Eyesight problems

Depending on the extent of your eyesight issues, you might need to bring a friend or a family member with you to keep you safe. There’s absolutely no reason for you not to travel as long as you have a companion, and if you want to find affordable specialists you can head to Turkey. The country has a lot of well-trained ophthalmologists and surgeons that could help you treat your issues, and it really helps that Turkey has such a nice climate that you can enjoy.


Bariatric surgery

Those who are struggling with weight issues and are considering bariatric surgery know that the costs can be quite high. Luckily, medical tourism is on the rise, and if money’s the issue, then South Korea could be your answer. With the costs of procedures lowered anywhere from 25%-45%, traveling here will both save you money and make sure you’re in good hands. The hospitals in Seoul are highly professional, the staff is polite and friendly, and the facilities are very modern. All in all, a very good option to consider.




Plastic surgery

While some people travel for butt lifts and breast augmentation, not all plastic surgery is related to beauty procedures. Injuries, scars, and disfigurements directly influence our quality of life, and some people are merely seeking an affordable way to deal with the consequences of car accidents or lifelong deformities. In Thailand, you might find what you’re looking for. With a whole slew of amazing specialists and doctors with many years of experience, it’s a great choice for a person who needs someone skilled and trustworthy.


With prices up to 60% lower than in America or the EU, Thailand usually combines modern medicine with traditional recovery practices such as massages and herbal remedies. You’ll feel safe, comfortable, and get the surgery you need without any fuss.



Don’t let your medical needs discourage you from living the kind of life you enjoy. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and visit these locations, and you’re bound to be happy you were brave enough to do it.

Last modified: December 19, 2018

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