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Top Tips to Create a Happy Workplace & Boost Employee Engagement

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On October 31, 2018

Modern business thrives under the wings of its devoted and passionate employee collective. There is no denying that the future of your company in the competitive world will rest in the hands of your skillful team members, and that losing them can spell disaster down the line.

With the millennial workforce being completely unafraid to leave you at a moment’s notice in search of a workplace where they will feel appreciated and happy, there is a need to restructure your work environment for maximum employee satisfaction. Here are some effective tips that will help you create a thriving office and a happy employee collective.

Praise and commend your employees

Rewarding your employees and praising them for a job well done goes far beyond a pat on the shoulder in the hallway or a mention at the staff meeting – nowadays, the modern employee needs to feel truly appreciated for their work. As a good leader, your job will be to analyze their performance, pick their best work, and recognize their contribution in front of the whole team.

But that’s not all. You also want others to learn from good examples, and at the same time give your top-ranking employees the chance to showcase their work and their thought process. With that in mind, let them speak about their accomplishments, and share their tips with their colleagues – it will boost cohesion in the workplace, and allow your employees to feel truly valued.

Offer more than a raise

If you think that an inflated paycheck is enough to keep your employees happy in the long run, then you really should update your calendar, because those days in the business world are long gone. The millennial workforce is a vastly different breed of employees. These are aspiring individuals that put their personal satisfaction in the workplace first, and their paycheck second.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they will tolerate being compensated less than fairly, but it does mean that your reward program should consist of truly meaningful perks. Consider benefits such as free wellness programs, free counseling, free child day care, extra vacation days, gift cards, and more.

Design the office for day-long zeal

One of the most important elements of a positive work environment that can define the future of your business is the aesthetic appeal and overall functionality of your office. Nowadays, leading architecture firms such as Superdraft emphasize the need for modern offices to ditch the old cubicle layouts in favor of open work spaces, and functional ancillary rooms.

Complementing a functional layout such as this with meticulous branding throughout will really help you establish a meaningful relationship between your brand and your employees, in turn creating a devoted and passionate team. These two essential elements will inevitably improve the productivity around the office, and help your employees stay positive until the job gets done.

Build a culture of honesty and open communication

In a digital world where people are increasingly communicating via smartphones and laptops, it becomes imperative to emphasize interpersonal communication in the office. After all, sending out emails to your team members and updating them on their paychecks every month is a poor way to establish a meaningful connection with them, or inspire them to give a damn about your company.

On the other hand, if you nurture a culture of open, transparent, and honest communication around the office, you will not only allow creativity and innovation to flourish, but you will also make your team members feel like their work matters. Talk to them, inspire them to talk to each other, and witness their happiness rise.

Offer personal and professional growth

Lastly, if there is no room for growth in your company, you can expect to lose valuable employees every year. Simply put, you will be deemed as a “dead-end job” as soon as your team members realize that their job description is all there is to it – doing the same thing every single day.

To boost your retention rate and keep them happy, you want to structure and effectuate comprehensive growth programs for your team members. Simply let your employees choose five personal and five professional goals, and help them achieve these goals while working for you – the impact this gesture will have on the office and your company will be nothing short of amazing.


Happiness is the key driver of productivity and success in the modern workplace, yet oftentimes entrepreneurs fail to imbue the office with this powerful feeling before their valuable employees leave them for good. Introduce these tips into your strategy, and avoid the common pitfalls on the road to long-term success in the business world.

Last modified: December 20, 2018

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