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The Vital Tips to Remember When Writing an Effective Job Description

It should come as no surprise that the key in getting candidates interested in a specific job is the way in which it is described. In fact, it is the most important factor.

You will need to clearly communicate what kind of person you are looking for while also outlining the main responsibilities and tasks that are included with the position that you are offering. After all, if the job doesn’t sound interesting, you aren’t going to attract the high-level talent that you want.


Here are some of the key details in writing effective job descriptions.


Accurate Job Title


The job title is the first thing that the candidate sees, in fact most candidates are either interested in the job not purely after just seeing the title. The level of experience should always be outlined, but it should also reflect the job accurately. You should also include a concise and direct overview of the position.


Writing style is key; the style should fit your companies tone. Such as, if you are a professional and high-quality company, the text should be more formal than that of a casual start-up company. Proofreading is something that most companies do before they send off press releases or update website posts, this should also apply when creating a job description.


Involve Current Employees


Job descriptions very rarely change, if someone leaves a position you look to fill it with the same abilities as the person that has recently left. However, sometimes there may be a need for a new set of skills. By speaking to employees already in that department that you are looking to add to they can give you a new look into what is actually needed in order for that section of the company to thrive.


Another interesting factor is removing the amount of years of experience that are needed for the position; this will add a more diverse set of candidates.




Companies need to give candidates a level of urgency, the feeling that they might miss out on the job if they don’t apply within the day. You should give this feeling even if you aren’t looking to fill the position quickly. It goes without saying that including a specific end date will improve the amount of respondents you will get. It just adds a professional feel to it.


Be Professional


There is absolutely no excuse for errors; they should simply not be there. It will decrease the amount of respondents you get and you will end up receiving applications from candidates who aren’t at the level you are looking for. Here are a few resources that you can access to improve:


  • ViaWriting / StudyDemic – In order for any piece of text to read well it needs to have the correct grammar. It just screams of unprofessionalism.
  • Oxessays / UKWritings – The quality needs to be the case across the board and online proofreading tools like Ox Essays and UK Writing are great options.
  • StateOfWriting / MyWritingWay – If you need assistance in finding the right words to use then you should seek assistance. An online job posting can be seen by everyone and you don’t want to look unprofessional.
  • Paper Writing Service / Essayroo – Simple Grad has recommended these two online tools in Essayroo review as the best priced editing services. Editing isn’t for everybody; with some professionals finding the process tiring.
  • Let’sGoAndLearn / WritingPopulist – If you aren’t sure what should be where and how you should work the whole description then these two tools could be great for you.


Introduction to the Company


This is a section most employers tend to forget about, but why? It is vitally important that candidates know about the company that they are applying for. You should inform them on what your targets are, your goals and the industry that you are in.


Other useful information that should be included should be information such as branch or office locations, the total number of employees you current have and you can also include the annual sales for the company. A salary expectation should also be included, it doesn’t need to be the exact figure but a general ball park figure would see a massive spike in applicants.


Don’t forget to leave accurate contact information, an email address is good but a phone number and a personal name just adds that next element to the description. Now, you are well on your way to find the perfect candidate for you.

Last modified: October 24, 2018

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