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Why you should experience living abroad

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On September 25, 2018

We all came across that thought at one point in our life, for some, it is just that, a thought. For
others, a clear opportunity shows up. But at the end of the day, the question remains the same
for everyone. Should I do it?


Making a move to a foreign country can be quite a big deal, whether you are a volunteer, an
exchange student, or simply seeking a new challenge. It can also include some administrative
tasks like applying for a visa, not mentioning managing the move itself. There are a lot of pros
and cons, of course, some more personal like family or kids. Some more general, like finding a
new home or tackling a possible language barrier. And then, there is a natural fear, the small
voice in your head saying: “But what if something goes wrong, what if you will not like it, what


There are, however, other aspects to be considered as well. For me, those clear advantages
and benefits have always outweighed the doubts and fears. Moving abroad comes with some
fascinating experiences, regardless of your personal background and you will benefit from those
experiences in the future. Admittedly the last few days in your old home and the first few in your
new home can be quite stressful. But once this “settling in” phase is over and you can catch
your breath, the exploring of your new life starts. Out of your comfort zone, away from your
friends and family, you might feel lost and out of place. You might not even understand a word
that is being said to you and then there is this foreign food and things are handled differently in
that country too. But are all those things really arguments in favor of staying where you are, in
the safety of your surroundings?


You might, after all, be surprised how fast you will settle in. There might be a hobby, that brings
you closer to the locals. Maybe you are an athlete and you want to join a club just like you did
back home? You can get to know other families through your own and then there are always
your new coworkers. Chances are, that you are not the only foreigner in your new city and
therefore you might be able to connect with other Expats at first.


Some people even fall in love with their new home and end up staying there for a while. Should
you, however, decide to come back home, you will be armed with a ton of experience. You
learned a lot about yourself, you developed new skills, you might have learned a new language.
Making that move abroad will change your life, in a positive way. Wait a second, did I just catch
you scrolling through job adds abroad…

Last modified: September 25, 2018

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