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7 Methods to Accelerate your Learning

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On July 5, 2018

Learning is generally termed as the process of acquiring knowledge, particular skills, and values, interconnected with observation. All living things possess the ability to learn. Now, machines also have the ability to learn with the help of artificial intelligence. But in the case of human beings, learning starts before birth and is expected to continue till death. The capability to learn thing is an asset. For selected people have the ability to learn things quickly. Still, speedy learning is not exclusively reserved for some people. By using some techniques, all can easily boost up the process of learning. Some methods to accelerate learning are pointed out and briefed below.


1. Good sleep
One of the steps an individual can take to accelerate learning is to get a good sleep. It is important to sleep before and after the process of learning. Why? It is because only brain can focus only by having enough rest. Otherwise, human brain becomes weak and it cannot focus on the subject matter of learning. During sleep brain solidifies information gained from the learning experience. During sleeping, brain is sorting different types of information and decides where to store the same. After a sound and deep sleep, brain becomes more active and is ready to code new matters in it. In conclusion, sound sleeping sessions without any interruption will help individuals to learn more and recollect the when it is in need of.


2. Connecting points
It is important to make connection between the thing we learn and other things that we know. Using techniques like mnemonics is a good tactic to learn faster and easier. Mnemonics is a sort of coding that helps to remember things fast. This type of coding will help us to remember difficult thing with ease. For example, CLM will help to learn ‘common language mistake’. Alike, by studying new matters don’t spend time by reproducing it. Just think about the easiest way to learn like how we can apply it in our life.


3. Test ourselves
If we need to memorize something for a long-term, it makes easy by testing ourselves. Testing ourselves on a regular basis will help to learn a lengthy matter very easily. For example, if we need to memorize a poem, read it for few minutes and set it aside. And later try to memorize as much as possible. The repeated attempts will help the brain to retrieve the things we learn and it also helps to get it coded in the memory. Doing this before going to bed will stimulate the memory. So, testing is an important thing to improve the learning process.


4. Break into small chunks
When we are going to study a lengthy sentence, it is important to make it into two or three pieces. To try to include more stuff to our brain is to create chaos within brain’s power to collect and store information. To be specific, more stuff will create trouble in our memory because brain does not know whether the stuff is important for us or not. It is important to make the long sentences into small sections. These techniques will help the brain from losing the main points. When we are trying to study a long sentence within a few minutes, brain will become helpless and will lose the power of memory. It gives overload to brain and may create further trouble while retrieving things. Chunking is the way our brain learns. So, if we are going to study something new, it is important to make into small chunks.


5. Spin the learning into a game
By turning the learning into a game will make the study easy. When learning turns into an enjoyable game, the power of brain will boost up. So, if we need to study something, make it as a game. The brain likes reward. So we can create a reward system for the game. Rewards are the base for the habit formation. For example, when we are at the age of five we all goes to school. We may get many rewards from there for our performances. It is for that to improve and encourage the potential of the children. If we create a reward for learning, it will be easier to learn thing much better.


6. Training to boost up memorization
It is essential to provide human brain with enough training to boost up the process of memorization. To be specific, human brain does not know whether a piece of information is important or not. So, the learner is expected to provide with enough stimulation and guidance to his or her brain. One can see that different individuals make use of different techniques to boost up the process of memorization because the same is essential to take control of the human brain. Even hypnotism is used to stimulate human brain. If an individual is forced to face emotional trauma and related damage to emotional equilibrium, training sessions related to hypnotism is essential to withstand emotional trauma. A properly trained human brain can easily gain a balanced emotional equilibrium and the same can be easily visible in memorization.


7. Taking notes while learning
Students are expected to be active within classroom environment because the same can help them to take control of the process of memorization. For instance, the habit of taking notes while a class is going on can help a student to grasp the essence of the subject matter under discussion. If not, there will be nothing to stimulate one’s memory. If a student takes notes while getting indulged in the process of learning, the same can be helpful while trying to memorize the main points. One can see that main points are enough for a student with mastery over the target language. This happens because of the fact that main points can be developed into a paragraph or even into an essay. So, learning everything, without assessing the value of a piece of writing, cannot help a student to perform in exams. Instead, the habit of taking notes as value points and sorting the same can boost up learning in general.


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