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Myths vs. Facts of Healthy Diet and Weight Loss

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On April 6, 2018

Myth:  Eating at Night causes Weight Gain

Fact: Gaining weight is not precisely concerned with the timing of the food intake. Food intake starts to influence the weight gain if you exceed the daily intake of calories.  Weight gain is more about the lifestyle you are following. If you are conscious about your diet plan and following daily calories count regularly, you can manage to eat before bedtime. Most people feel craving before bedtime, fruits or vegetables are the best substitutes for junk food. As long as daily calories count does not exceed, you can eat at night.

Myth: Skipping Breakfast makes you gain weight

Fact: There is no scientific evidence that skipping breakfast can lead you to gain weight. Taking a healthier breakfast helps you to control your appetite during the day. It gives you an energetic start of the day. But it depends on your body needs. Listening to your body can help you facilitate the body needs. One can delay breakfast in he doesn’t feel like eating early morning. Skipping breakfast has nothing to do with weight gain.

Myth: You should avoid all fats to lose weight

Fact: Weight loss should not be confused with a fat-free diet plan. Losing weight doesn’t mean you will have to give up on all types of fats. Fats contain healthy nutrients which are necessary for the body development. It should be part of healthy diet plan.  Completely eliminating the fats will lead the lack of that nutrition in your body. For Instance: Avocado can be considered as healthy fat and it’s the part of many diet plans.

Myth: Cut back on Carbohydrates to Lose Weight

Fact: A healthy diet plan should contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. It’s not required to cut off taking carbohydrates. There are two types of carbohydrates. Simple and complex. Candies and cookies are the examples of simple carbohydrates which lacks vitamins and minerals. While whole wheat bread, beans, and fruits are the complex carbohydrates which are full of nutrition. You have to choose wisely. Before giving up on a food item, consider its nutritional value.

Myth: I will have to spend hours in Gym to lose weight

Fact: It’s a huge misconception about the work out in the gym. It depends on your weight loss goals. A healthy lifestyle workout might take even less time than you are assuming. A 30 mins walk or 20 mint running or treadmill is quite enough for a normal person. You need extra effort if you are an athlete or a professional bodybuilder. The important part is not to make it burden, adjust the time so that you can look forward to workout time and enjoy the routine as a part of your daily lifestyle.




Last modified: April 6, 2018

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