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How to Handle the Confusions while Considering a Job Offer

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On April 4, 2018

The Wisest decisions are the hardest to make it. Right decisions at the right time could make or break your career. It’s always the question of right direction in which you are taking your career. All your hard work could be clueless if it’s not utilizing your strengths. Getting a job offer is an incredible news realizing that your talent and skills have been acknowledged and you were the one who has been selected from the pool of candidates, which itself is an achievement to go through the Interview screening.

Considering a Job Offer:

It sounds accomplished to be offered by Job. You are the person in charge to drive your career path at this very moment. You have choices to either accept or reject the offer. The key is o be calm. Don’t rush, be patient and choose wisely. Analyze the job offers you have. You can have two different scenarios while making the decision for a job offer.

Instant YES!

This could be the worst scenario you can have. There is absolutely no need to accept the offer right at the moment. Always ask for an appropriate time even if the offer sounds appealing, just to make sure this is the one you have been waiting for. Ask yourself “Am I sure I want this”? Once you have committed to the employer, there is no way to escape. It’s completely unethical to reject once you have accepted the offer and the worst scenario could be to resign after a week, realizing that it’s not the kind of work you that you wanted. All the consequences of ifs and buts should be considered prior to making the final decision.

It’s Fine to Decline

It’s okay to decline rather than back-footing after the commitment. There is certainly a borderline between asking for appropriate time and dragging decision making too long. Taking too long in decision making and dragging things in pending purpose is not a professional approach. It can even make you lose the job offer also. Its fine to decline the offer if you think you can have better offers. The employer may have other potential candidates in the queue for the offer. There is no point wasting their chances of being offered. Excessive delay in the decision even makes the employer withdraw the offer. The important thing is to respond.


  1. Remove the ambiguities by asking questions. There is no shame to ask questions about minor details. Knowledge of job detail will help you make a better decision. Don’t be shy in questioning about employee rights, salary, and other details. It’s your right.
  2. Negotiation always opens doors to mutual understanding. Don’t be too rigid in sticking to your point. Be flexible with your salary expectations, working hours. You can settle for less salary if the offer is from a well-reputed company.

Last modified: April 4, 2018

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