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How to get the job interview and kill it!

Become the perfect candidate in the eyes of the recruiter

Get noticed before you even apply!

The fastest way to get a job interview is when someone refers you. Having a lot of contacts in your field of work is, therefore, a must!


We know that most job seekers are worried that others will find out they are looking for a job. If that is the case, the probability of getting referred will be significantly less. You should know that recruiters spend hours sourcing online platforms for talent. Sign up for popular and niche online platforms (like BrightOwl) and build your profile to stand out. Think action words, accomplishments, endorsements and don’t forget to make it a little personal. Although modern platforms match talent with recruiters based on machine learning, the recruiter selecting the candidates are still human and enjoy a personalized text.


When you apply

If you make the first move, make sure your CV stands out visually and content-wise. Make it impossible for them not to contact you through thoughtful writing, funny/clever remarks or prove that you’ve read up on the company and provide a solution for a possible problem right from the start.

TIP: It’s better to address a cover letter or email to a specific person rather than just saying ‘dear HR manager’.


The interview

Once you’ve locked in an interview, be ready to respond to interview questions. You can use the S.T.A.R. Method.
Set up the SITUATION and the TASK that you were required to complete to give the interviewer background context. Then explain what ACTION you took to get the RESULT. As easy as that.


If you receive a complicated question, don’t be afraid to answer it with more questions. The interviewer is just trying to find out if you can think through the information and understand the path you’d take to find the answer.
Try to listen to your interviewer’s responses. Try to find out what he or she wants to hear from you. After a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to picture a person you know that is similar to your interviewer, and you will be able to respond in a way you would to your acquaintance. This way you’ll feel more confident about your answers and you’ll connect with them on a personal level.


If you still fail to nail the job, don’t worry. More opportunities arise every day and at least you have some more experience under your belt.


Good luck!

Last modified: April 27, 2018

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