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Recruitment Goals for Efficient Hiring



Recruitment gets tougher with higher employment rates and vise versa. Full employment means it’s not going to be a buyer’s market anymore. In this case, the recruiters will have to be very specific and clear about their goals for the hiring. Because the candidate’s game is strong you recruiters are at risk to miss the chance to hire their ideal candidate. It’s time to get prepared and set your goals to catch the candidates. You need to redefine priorities and parameters for the candidate’s filtration based on market values.

There is no rocket science or secret ingredient in recruitment. It’s actually an art where values and parameters are defined by the artist. You got to have a vision, judgmental skills, keen observation, and the ability to discover the hidden capabilities. Sometimes the candidate is more worth than his appearance and self-branding abilities. It’s the recruiters who can discover and identify the one who has the potential, which in some cases, the candidate is even not aware of.

Here are few techniques which can make a difference:

1.     Define Your Goals to be Acquired from Recruitment

Always be very clear what you are seeking through the recruitment process. How you want recruitment to work for you. What is the ultimate goal you want recruitment to help you with? Based on different parameters like scale, budget, long-term versus short-term, global versus local and many more a firm’s goal for recruitment varies. For startups, the goal might be to expand the company’s manpower. The goal might be to find a gem, with a well-established firm. The goal is different from short term and long term hiring. In loss would be hard to recover if you would have hired a wrong candidate while planned for long-term hiring. Somehow one can think about settling for a less competent candidate in short-term hiring. So the bottom line is recruitment guidelines and filtration might differ with situations. You got to define the goals which are to be achieved by Recruitment process.


2.     Be Clear About What You Seek in a Candidate

Define “your “ ideal candidate. The perception of a perfect candidate is different for different firms based on their nature of operational tasks or personal preferences.  The important part is what you are seeking in your ideal candidate. What are the must-have features you want to see in a candidate? What are you looking for and eager to discover?  Is it confidence, passionate about success, efficiency, punctuality, talent, skills, productivity or smartness? You can’t get all of the mentioned features in a single candidate. You have to be very clear about the features of your ideal candidate you are ready to compromise on and what are the mandatory ones.  Some recruiters believe “Hire Behaviors, Train skills”. A smart but less competent in skills may learn to work with proper training. Attitude is what makes you stand out.  Some recruiters believe in skill-based hiring. More than an organization’s preferences the nature of the job should define the parameter. Before hunting, be clear what are you seeking?

3.     Mention Your Compensation Level

It’s good to mention the compensation levels in each regard. Being clear and aware of the details of the job makes it less confusing and hassle-free. Rather than explaining in person or via calls/emails about the negotiation in salary, it’s convenient to mention the compensation you are willing to offer. It’s time wastage for a candidate to apply for a job, offering the salary which is even below his current salary. At times keeping your candidates blind about salary makes you lose a potential candidate. Disclosing it also makes the candidate mentally prepared how much they are willing to lower their bar to join a good firm with learning opportunities. To avoid any ambiguity be open to mention the complete details.

4.     Stand out with an Appealing Add

The most frequently asked interview question is “Why do we hire you?”  What if we ask the same question from the companies? Why do I join you? Yes, you have to think from candidate’s perspective to catch the perfect candidate. Candidates don’t apply for jobs, they apply for companies. Candidates are also judgmental about the market value and reputation of the company they are going to join. The association with a company is the matter of career development for the candidate.  A potential candidate might reject your company. So how do companies get the attention of valuable candidates? The first impression is your add. Be as compelling and eye catchy as possible. Be unique to stand out. Don’t follow the common pattern of the job description.  Adopt some slogan and an interactive question to grab the attention. Brand your company as the candidate is supposed to brand his skills. You are supposed to brand your strong reputation in recruitment Industry.

Last modified: April 3, 2018

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