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National Down-Syndrome Day

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On March 21, 2018


Life can be unfair at times. All of us have been in contact or met people with Down syndrome. They find it hard to perform the routine life tasks which we take for granted. We don’t realize the blessings of physical and mental health. People with Down syndrome need special care and attention. We owe this to them to be taken care of. Such people adore small fun moments with their animal friends usually. It’s essential to make them optimistic about life and give them hope to live for some good reasons.

Acceptance of the Disease

This mental disease doesn’t belong to a specific race. The victims of the disease are from different races for thousands of years. It can affect any person of any race and region.  It takes courage to accept and own such people.  In ancient times infants with such disabilities were either killed or disowned by parents. It was due to the lack of awareness or maybe humanity needed to be more liberal. We need to understand how precious and priceless human life is and we have to develop a sense of acceptability.

Discovery and Identification of the Disease

English physician John Langdon Down first characterized it as a separate form of mental disability in 1862. Nearly 100 years later the awareness about this disease was raised. Few patients with associated medical problems were and diagnosed and treated. The triplication of the 21st chromosome was discovered by Jerome Lejeune.

21st March – Down syndrome Day

21st March is the day for the global awareness and to find out ways how can we help such people. The day was first celebrated in 2006. Since then, every year the campaign is executed globally. The color theme for the Down Syndrome Awareness is blue and yellow. The interesting fact behind the date selection is because of the congenital disorder caused by having an extra 21st chromosome. The date 21 had been chosen because of the association of the 21st chromosomes.


Theme 2018: What I Bring To My Community

Every year the theme is decided to address the disease in a different way. This year the theme is “What I Bring to My Community”. The purpose of this theme is to make people with Down-syndrome disability, as a productive individual of the society. To make them contribute in their own possible way. To let them realize that they are the equal assets of the society and they worth to celebrate their existence and utilize their capabilities. The theme is focused to encourage such differently- able people to let the world know what are you capable to bring to the community.



There are so many ways we can make this day worth impactful celebrations. One way is wearing lots of socks. Yes, this year 2018 the World Down Syndrome day on social media is trending with #LotsOfSocks. It’s a gesture of love and affection for the people. We can make people talk about it by wearing socks. This year people with Down syndrome will be gathering at United Nations in New York and Geneva to raise voice for the rights of such people. To admit and acknowledge the contributions of people with Down syndrome. The much-needed awareness is of acceptance and inclusion. The society needs to talk about and advocate for their rights. Opportunities must be generated to make such people involve in productive activities so that they don’t feel useless. Initiative needed to be taken to let them with their self respect and dignity.

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