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Gender Differences in Bipolar Disorder

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On March 30, 2018


Mental Health

The society needs to redefine the perception of Being Healthy. In some less underdeveloped countries, Health is all relevant to physical health. People need to underhand mental illness is as complicated and important to get treated as physical health issues. We have to raise Mental awareness campaigns for mental diseases. For Instance: Bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s and Anxiety.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is the mental illness that brings severe high and low moods and rapid changes in behavior in terms of sleep, appetite, and energy. As the name says it all “Bipolar“ refers to the two extreme poles of mood swings. Men and women both go through the same symptoms, but somehow men experience slightly different symptoms than women.





1 Diagnosed earlier in Life. Diagnosed in her 20’s or 30’s.
2 Experience Severe Episodes of Mania. Experience Gentle Episodes of Mania.
3 Man will get Manic Episode First. Women will get Depressive episode first.
4 Fewer chances of rapid-cycling bipolar. More Likely to suffer from rapid-cycling bipolar.
5 More Manic and less depressive Episodes. More Depressive and Less manic episodes.
6 Bipolar II is less common in men. Bipolar II Disorder is more common in women.
7 Fewer chances of co-occurrence of other disorder. Co-occurrence of other disorders is more common.
8 Fewer men go through anxiety than women. Anxiety occurs more frequently in women.
9 Men more often involve in Drug Use Disorder. Women are less diagnosed with drug use disorder.
10 The early diagnosed patients are usually men. Delayed diagnosis/ treatment are common in women.
11 Less exposure to thyroid Imbalances. Thyroid Imbalances are more common in women.
12 Men are more likely to act out during mania. Women are usually calm as compared to men.
13 Bipolar men are more at risk for suicide. Fewer suicide incidents in women.

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