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Brain Awareness Week – 12-18 March 2018

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On March 13, 2018


The Global Celebration Brain Awareness Week is launched by the DANA foundation nearly 20 years ago. It is annual celebration observed in the third week of March. The purpose of this campaign is to develop and enhance public interest in knowing about brain research, benefits and, progress in research. The campaign aims to make the brain research and information more public. To make people aware of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Parkinson’s, anxiety, neurological disorders and many more, their symptoms, preventions and treatment methods.

A Day to Acknowledge Brain’s Remarkable Role

This week is the acknowledgment of the important and remarkable role of Brain in our lives. We celebrate the existence of the brain and how blessed we are to have one. Can we even imagine how miserable life would have become without the brain? The brain is no less than a wonder of nature and most complex organ in living beings. It not only connects the internal body parts but also controls the way we connect and respond to the world around us. It’s a day which brings together researchers, neurologists, scientists, teachers, communities and common man to celebrate and get aware of the Brain diseases, disorders and research. Although we don’t need a day to admire the brain functions, this year the week is going to be held from 12 to 18 March 2018.

Origin and Progress of the Campaign

The Brain Awareness Week dates back to 1995, nearly 23 years ago the DANA foundation dreamt of a global audience which is enriched with passion, interest, and eagerness to know about brain research. Their dream came true and the world is witnessing how the reality of their dream is facilitating the world. In 2015, there were 782 Brain Awareness Week events in 51 countries worldwide registered on the Brain Awareness Week International Calendar.


Resource for the following Analytics: goo.gl/25suPvBrainawarenessweek

The Successful Impact of the Brain Awareness Campaign

The efforts are not going in vain. Each year with the cooperation of the campaign partner’s different events occurs worldwide. The events are accordingly for all age group. The helpful material, for instance: flyers, broachers, booklets for the events are designed based on information about brain research and awareness. The event includes seminars about brain disorders, neuroscience lab exhibition, Lectures in different educational institutes, workshops for public community and brain activities for kids. These efforts are making a change in people’s concern about their mental health. They are not only getting aware but also concerned. People are admitting the fact that mental health is as important as physical health.

How to Celebrate Brain Awareness Week

Children Activities:


  1. The schools can help spread the awareness by displaying daily brain tip or brain facts on bulletin boards. Spreading the broachers and handouts in classrooms.
  2. An educational trip to neuroscience labs where children are demonstrated how the brain works.
  3. Activity-based learning programs could be introduced. For Instance; Poster, essay, Drama, drawing competition about the brain.
  4. To get child more exposure to brain function, make them watch any documentary about brain functionality.
  5. A healthy quiz competition can be arranged about brain’s knowledge.

Adults Activities:

  1. Participate or at least be a part of health fairs, seminars, lectures and healthy competitions happening around you.
  2. Use social media to make your voice heard worldwide. Make the #brainweek trend all over social media the entire week. You can also join the live streaming of the events over social media. You can invite and tag your friends on the concerned events to let them know.
  3. You can share your story as a survivor and a fighter if you have been through any brain disease. You can share personal experience and encourage other victims.
  4. Play your part by asking libraries to display the concerned Brain posters and books on display.
  5. If you are a media person, you can help cover the events on television channels or by print media in newspapers to widen the audience of the events.
  6. Cooperate and partner with institutes as a team to exhibit the seminars.
  7. If you are literature person write an essay, poetry about the day and spread the handouts.
  8. If you are a Doctor you probably have double the responsibility to raise the awareness. Arrange an awareness campaign in your local clinic or ask your hospital administration to arrange a public workshop about the brain.


These are enormous ways to be a part of the campaign and make it a successful one. Raise your voice for the cause as louder as you can and let it be heard as wider as you can. Stand up for the good cause. This year make this campaign as successful as ever.

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