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American Diabetic Alert Day

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On March 27, 2018



It’s a one-day wakeup call which is celebrated every year on the last Tuesday of the March. The campaign is about to make the American public aware how serious health issues occur as a consequence of diabetes especially if it is not treated well.  The day was first observed in 1986 by the American Diabetes Association. They initiated and created many awareness campaigns ever since. This year marks the 25th annual celebration of the Diabetic Alert day.

Risk Assessment

One in four Americans is at risk of diabetes. The important part is to get aware and diagnosed at the time. Delay in treatment will make complications by affecting other organs of the body. The sad reality is most of the people are unaware of their condition and are undiagnosed. To avoid such conditions it’s important to do a risk assessment. Have you ever thought what are your risk factors to acquire diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors

This year the alert day is focusing to encourage everyone to take the type 2 diabetic alert test. It’s the most common type of Diabetes. In this disease, a person’s pancreas becomes insulin resistant, by not producing enough insulin. Due to this resistance, the body lacks insulin which is important for managing glucose which is the ultimate source of energy. There are certain risk factors which can be helpful to calculate your chances of acquiring the disease.

Factors You Can Control


The heavier you are, the greater would be the risk. Your over-weight can make you at risk for not only diabetes but for many other diseases too. Even the children with overweight are at risk for diabetes.


The workout can make a major difference in your health state. Workout and morning exercise can lower your chances.


As already discussed type 2 diabetes is about insulin resistance. Smoking may have a negative impact to increase the resistance. As a result of the blood sugar level increases. This leads to complications like kidney, heart and blood vessels.

Factors You Can’t Control

Age Factor:

As you get older, the chances of getting type 2 diabetes increases. After 40 the risk is maximum.


The risk is higher for specific genes. Being African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian or Asian American can increase your risk.

Family History:

Inheritance could be a factor to increase the chances. If diabetes is in your family history, you are having a double risk. In this case, you have to be very careful.


Men have double the chances of getting the disease. They are twice as likely to have undiagnosed diabetes as women.

Check Your Risk Factor NOW

Don’t wait. No one can afford to ignore health risks. Here’s a link to do online risk test for type 2 diabetes. A few seconds test and you can save yours or your loved one’s life.


Last modified: April 3, 2018

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