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 Heart Diseases – Risk Factors & Alarming Signs

You don’t have to suffer from Heart attack to keep a track of your “Heart Health Profile”. We owe this to ourselves to be self-aware of heart attack risks. You are never too young to start a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle. Every individual is at risk but the probability increases with some obvious factors.

Obvious Risk Factors

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure or Cholesterol level,
  • Overweight
  • Unhealthy Diet
  • Lack of Exercise/ Physical Activity



These are the major factors which will lead to heart diseases. We don’t pay attention to heart health until we suffer from attack/ angina/ blocked arteries or any other heart issue. Our body communicates with us in different ways to make us aware. Above mentioned are the alarming factors about heart health which shouldn’t be neglected in any case.


Signs – You Could Have a Heart Problem

Apart from these obvious factors, there are few minor signs we don’t notice in our routine life. Ignoring such signs could cost you your life. You need to suspect if there is something wrong with our heart. Here are few suspicious signs which indicate you could have a Heart problem. Apparently being small issues, they don’t get noticed by us. Do a self-assessment by going through these signs.


  • Facing short of Breath frequently
  • Depression/ Migraines
  • Hip and leg muscle pain when you climb, walk or move.
  • Pounding heartbeat while trying to sleep
  • Feet Swelling
  • You get exhausted easily
  • Jaw pain
  • Feeling Light-Headed/ Dizzy
  • A persistent Cough
  • Changes in your Heart Rhythm



Age and Inheritance Factor

Age factors and the family record can also influence your heart health. The age factor is different for men and women.  The risk of heart diseases increases after the age of 55 for women and 45 for men. The risk of heart disease increases if it’s in your family history. Not all but many cardiac disorders can be inherited, including congenital heart disease and high blood cholesterol leading to heart attack, indicating inherited genetic risk factors.



Take actions today to be heart healthy. If you feel any sign mentioned above, you need to consult a cardiologist immediately.


 Stay Happy, Healthy & Heartful!!!



Last modified: April 4, 2018

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 Heart Diseases – Risk Factors & Alarming Signs

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