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Privacy Control in Digital Job Search

Since the early age of digital job search, the biggest concern of job seekers was the privacy of confidential data. Although the advanced privacy control options have been introduced over the passage of time ,somehow it still remains questionable?

Not every Job website is trustworthy. There are job sites which are not for real jobs listing but aimed to collect personal information. Such spam websites can sell profiles data, misuse them or make it public. Be picky where you are posting a resume. It’s not merely random content; it’s your work profile, your unique identity.



As far as professional ethics are concerned, privacy should be the first priority of every jobs website. Unfortunately, digital job search comes with risks. All you can do is, be very careful, where, how and under what privacy control you are posting your resume.

Here are few tips on how to control and secure your resume from spammers and identity thieves.


Avoid Posting Resume Publicly

  • Always try to Approach Company’s website for job application. It would b the best approach if you can apply via the official contact of the company i.e.: Email.
  • The rise of social recruitment (LinkedIn, Facebook) is trending. Don’t post your complete work profile publically. Make a separate cyber-safe copy of your resume to be posted publically to avoid any misuse of information or reusing/ claiming your ideas.
  • If you are posting on Career website or jobs website, make sure you have read their privacy policies. Choose the websites like LinkedIn & Monster, which are globally trusted and recognized.

Make the Most Out of Privacy Features

  • With the technology and AI integration in recruitment, advanced privacy control over your profile is being introduced.
  • Blind profiles are the new trend ensuring unbiased recruitment.Brightowl.pro is a Jobs Website offering the new feature to job seekers.
  • Optimize your profile with your personal privacy preferences, hiding your current employer, location, experience.

Don’t Make It Too Private

Apart from privacy concern, many job seekers are not willing to reveal their job search intentions and efforts. Reasons may be:

  • They don’t want their current employer to know about their job search which indicates their disloyalty to the company. (In some cases which may lead to losing your current job).
  • Due to fear of failure. Just to avoid the offending questions they will be asked in case of not getting a job.
  • By making your job search too private, you are actually blocking the opportunities approaching you and your exposure to potential jobs. The solution is utilizing privacy features.

Always keep Track

A job search can be hard at times. Regardless of the situations, you have to schedule a planned job search.

  • Don’t rush or panic. Be patient and keep track where you are posting your resumes. Always follow-up the response of the job applications.
  • Don’t distribute your resume blindly. Better post to few quality websites of which you are sure about the cyber-security rather than distributing to dozens of mediocre websites.
  • On acquiring the Job, delete all the unnecessary postings of your resume. Don’t lose control.

Limit the Contact Details

The annoying phone calls or commercial emails are the drawbacks of publicizing the contact details on career websites.

  • Reveal your contact details only to companies you like.
  • Publicizing your contact number, home address and personal emails can be dangerous to your privacy. Best practice is to make a separate Email address for the job hunt.
  • Choose the job websites that keep your contact information as private as possible. Brightowl.pro practices the new professional Dating idea where your contact details are not revealed until you do when it’s a match between you and your favorite employer.

Last modified: April 3, 2018

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