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On January 12, 2018

Are you unemployed and looking for a job? Ever wondered why it’s so hard to get a job? Although we see there are so many openings every single day. Still, we can’t find the one that matches our skills. Do you get a feeling like your resumes are just going in to trash without being read? These are the questions a job seeker goes through. This is the disappointment phase when you get no response despite applying to several jobs for weeks. Millions of people around the globe are struggling for a job right at the moment.


Being Jobless certainly affects your mental health. It’s not easy to tackle the depression one goes through during this unemployment phase. But getting it on your nerves is not the ultimate solution. One has to stay persistent with job search and optimistic. Giving up is not an option. Try to look up for the missing elements which are the obstacle in your search.  Figure out where things are going in the wrong direction in your search.  The job search process can be boosted if certain possible reasons are eliminated. Here are few reasons affecting the job search results. Find yours and eliminate the reason to be on the right track.


1.     Applying for Mismatch Jobs

One doesn’t have to rush for applying for any job opening. One of the reasons candidates get frustrated with job search is that they are relying on the quantity of application. Always look for the job description matching your skills and years of experience. Today’s software for recruitment is smart enough to find the relevant keywords within the resume. If your resume doesn’t speak for the desired skills, it wouldn’t be viewed even. You may apply and flood the websites but it won’t worth the time and energy you are inputting. Be patient and apply for those jobs only where your resume fulfills the desired requirements.


2.     Not Lowering the Bar

Although you are not supposed to settle for less than what you deserve. But at times staying rigid with job standard gives you a tough time. Sticking to the jobs, you previously did or you have remarkable experience in, can make your job search process complex because things will not always go in your expected way. It’s okay to low the bar a bit and for time being settle in for the offers which looks valid and reasonable to join. You can keep going with job search and switch the job if you finally get to find the dream job.


3.     Job Search Skills Matters

Every job seeker is trying hard to get a job but how many of them are trying in the right direction?  Be updated with the trends in the recruitment, the chances of employment in your specialized field. Optimize resume to make it more discoverable online. Join workshops which will help you in the job search. There are career centers which enhance your search skills. If you still find it hard to look for the desired job go for online platforms. They ease your work. Take BrightOwl for instance, it centralizes all the life sciences jobs globally and makes the search narrow with advanced filters.


4.     Limiting to Online Search Only

There is no doubt that recruitment industry is changed and almost 70 percent of candidates look for jobs online in this digital era. But it should not be adopted as the “only medium” for job search. Are you practicing online search as the primary way of your job hunt? Then you are certainly blocking some opportunities to reach you. Not all of the jobs are advertised online. Make a powerful profile on LinkedIn. Connect to people in your industry. Make contacts. Connect with recruiters to get to know about the jobs opening. Be active in networking with your industry professionals.


5.     Giving up is Not the Solution

No one wants his job search process to last long. It’s quite obvious to get disappointed in long time struggles. But there is no escape. Going through this phase will make you become a fighter, develops consistency and patience in you. Giving up is neither a solution nor should be an option. One can have a tough time and hard luck too with job search but that doesn’t reflect your entire career. Don’t ruin your career by giving up due to this temporary phase of unemployment. Get over and fight back. Don’t let your disappointment steal your passion. Certainly, it’s not going to last forever.







Last modified: April 3, 2018

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