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Interview Tips

Interview Tips That Will Get You the Job

Got an Interview call? Great! It can be a game changer opportunity knocked at your door. Probably the one you have been waiting for long. The bottom line is how to make the most out of it? You certainly don’t want to lose the career-making opportunity.  There is a saying “Your life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” So “YOU” are the only person in charge to utilize the opportunity.

The decision of successful/unsuccessful job interview depends on your performance. There are certain factors which count during an interview. Anyone getting prepared for interview must have to focus on interview tips.

Here are few most appealing interview factors you can’t afford to neglect in your career.


Well Dressed

Your overall look is probably the first thing panel would notice about you. The way you have to get dressed up from head to toe, every single detail does matter. So be as appropriate as possible. For men a dark color suit probably black or grey with a tie, leather shoes and leather belt, trimmed nails, either no jewelry or the limited one, avoid overdoing aftershave,  a briefcase would add the value. For women dark color suit with a conservative blouse, light makeup, manicured nails, professional hairstyle, no hanging jewelry or arms full of bracelets. Less is more is what you should follow for dressing up for a job interview. You will never get a second chance to make the first impression.


Be Confident

Confidence acts as a key to get your job. The best jewelry you can wear in an interview is your confidence. It’s the way how you carry yourself. On average the interviewer makes a decision about the candidate in first four minutes. It clearly indicates that the confidence and the vibe you carry with yourself comes first then your intelligence. Confidence starts to reflect right at the moment you walk through the door.  Before you convince the employers that you are the most appropriate candidate, you need to have faith in you. Your confidence does possess the potential to convey this nonverbally.



Interview Tips


Market Yourself/ Self Awareness

You can market the best version of yourself only if you can play around with your strength and weaknesses. The employer will judge you on the basis of the version; you have presented them, regardless of how outstanding you are. It’s of immense importance to be self-aware. Highlight your strengths and keeping them in the limelight. No one can expect you to be perfect, but how you deal with your weaknesses and make the best use of your strengths defines the best version of you. Self-awareness will make you discover the Best in you. That is the version you are supposed to carry in an interview. Marketing yourself is showing the best of you.


Eye Contact

Apart from your intelligence, experience and IQ level, there are some secret ingredients to land a job. Non-verbal communication is the noticeable thing by the employers especially the eye contact. Reflect your confidence and self-esteem by keeping the right amount of eye contact. The way you keep eye contact and your facial expressions are constantly being observed. If you are starring in your shoes or table, this reflects your nervousness and stress. Your verbal communication is strengthened and supported by your eye contact, facial expressions and postures. A good eye contact will make you feel heard and presentable.



Organizational Knowledge

Confidence comes with knowledge. It’s important to do a little homework prior to appearing in an interview. You can better communicate and prepare yourself for questions if you know the organization’s background, history, and workflow. This will impress the employers by showing your interest level towards the job and professionalism. A little bit of homework will help you to understand what type of questions you would be asked in an interview. You can’t execute a confident answer with zero knowledge and being clueless about the organization.


Last modified: April 3, 2018

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Interview Tips That Will Get You the Job

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