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Fight against Cancer- 3 Factors to Follow



We all have heard the Term “Prevention is better than cure.” Be it cancer or any other disease, our first priority should be to adopt the lifestyle which is pure, healthy and energetic. Cancer has been destroying the human race for ages. Despite advanced Cancer treatment techniques, we haven’t still totally overcome the disease. Once you are trapped, it’s not easy to fight for your life. You have to be strong, a fighter and be very patient.

It’s too late to think over cancer prevention factors once you have been caught by the disease.  Even the healthy person should always be aware of such prevention and awareness.

Let me introduce three of the most important Cancer-Fighting Factors which will help you better understand the causes of cancer and how to be in the safe zone. If you want to keep cancer out of your life, adopt these fighting factors and you’ll feel the difference towards better health.


1.     Emotional Cleansing

There are many researches based on this reality that Stress is the major cause of cancer. Negative emotions can completely destroy your mental health. It is the root cause of inflammation.

Dr. David Spiegel, Stanford psychiatrist, did a research on the impact of negative emotions on Breast Cancer patients. It was shocking to conclude after Ten-year survival checkup, that women who adopted therapy in their lives survived twice as compared to those who didn’t.

Check out complete research here:

2.     The Right Diet

Be very careful what you put in your body. Cancer is the biggest challenge to face, to get your body prepared, you need the healthy diet. Replacing junk food, an excess of sugar, preservative, long-term frozen food, and Caffeine with clean, fresh, healthy diet may mean the difference between life and death. If you are a cancer survivor, you must follow anti-cancer meal plans which are specifically designed according to your body needs. Turn to as much organic food as you can rather than bogus food which doesn’t have the capability to feed and nourish your body.

3.     Detoxification

Although pollution is the most ignored factor but its impact on cancer is ruining human race. We are surrounded by countless pollution factors around us in our so-called modern world. From air, to soil, to water, to food and everything around. We can control what we allow in our lives.  All the chemical products, personal care manufacturers, cosmetic products are filled with endocrine disruptors, estrogen mimics, and outright poison to the cells in your body, which accumulate in your body. Every time you use these products, you are risking your health and life.



Last modified: April 3, 2018

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Fight against Cancer- 3 Factors to Follow

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