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Facts to Increase Productivity

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On January 24, 2018

No one can deny the importance of productivity in a workplace. The most valuable asset for any company could be the productivity of its employees. It’s of immense importance to understand what role it can play in the success story of your organization.

Here are few Facts that impact the productivity:


how to increase producti




It’s hard to pay attention to work in an office due to calls, meetings, and conversations happening around you. The best solution is tuning out the rest of the world. Listening to your kind of music at work can actually increase your focus and concentration. The fact is listening to music actually boosts up the level of neurotransmitter, which increases the focus.  The more relaxed a person is, the higher would be the productivity.


Morning Workout:

The right way to have a productive day is to have a productive morning. For staying energetic for the rest of the day, the morning workout is the best practice to follow. Employees are more active, feel fresh and energetic if they start the day with a morning workout.


Productive day of the week

We all heard the term “Monday Blues”. After all the joy at the weekend, it feels difficult to everyone dragging themselves to workplaces. Tuesday is usually the most productive day of the week. Monday is gearing up; you’re getting back to work. Controlling all the negative emotions to overcome new Challenges on Monday, Tuesday is all about positive and work Vibes.



Getting an appropriate amount of sleep doesn’t only impact your mood but also increases your productivity. Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of poor performance. Ideally getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep can increase your productivity by 20%. Sleeping less than 6 hours does not only create health issues but also affect your performance, decision making power and memory.


Cultural Fit

Any organization’s culture is either defined from the scratch decisively or it develops and nourishes automatically with the existing team’s behavior and beliefs. In either case company’s decision, HR policies, communication ways everything thing is based on their culture. If the new hire doesn’t blend well with the culture and stays rigid, this will leads to poor quality of work and frustration. Contradictory adding values by owning the culture and sharing your part to it will make you more productive.


Power Posing

By posing a powerful posture, you can induce positive vibes in your behavior and hormones. The non-verbal communication has a lot of potentials to make you feel confident. Some postures can also help you fight against Job stress. Practicing power posing helps you to relax, releases stress, boost up energy and you’ll feel confident.


Working Hours Limit

Working hours are not the ultimate measure of output. The overwork hours leads to decreased output. After 40 hours of work in a week, the human brain becomes less efficient, stressed and fatigue. The human brain has a maximum working efficiency which tends to decrease after the 5 working days in a week.


Cold Call Timing

Timing has been always a major impactful factor in anticipating the consequences of any effort. Be it digital advertising or Cold calls. No one can deny the influence of time factor. Productivity has a lot to do with the timing of cold calls. The best time to do cold call is between 8-9am or 4-5pm. Following the favorable time can be a game changer in increasing the productivity.

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Facts to Increase Productivity

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