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Top 10 Job Search Websites

Top 10 Job Search Websites

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On December 21, 2017

The Role of Job Search Websites

Job search is probably the first step after graduating and accomplishing the professional degree. Career building is a crucial and long journey with a lot of hurdles to overcome. Jobs websites have certainly played a remarkable role in opening the opportunities to the candidates. These websites have developed exposure and professional knowledge among the fresh candidates in the field. It has become more like professional knowledge hub than just a website. These websites have been playing their part in creating awareness about career paths and tips to step into professional life.

Performance and Accuracy

Job Search Engines had never been as important in recruitment industry as it has become now since 2014 when the evolution of jobs websites had emerged. There are literally thousands of jobs websites on the internet. All of them are doing their part for the recruitment industry. The functional procedure of all the jobs websites is same, based on filters for the job type, location, experience, salary, and industry. But few stand out for their functionality, performance, accuracy of the filtered results and trust level for the privacy of data. These websites have become a vital part of the career building.

Job Boards Vs Job Search Engines

Some websites are job boards like Monster, Dice but some websites are contributing more than just a job board. They are more like Job Search Engine which allows you to search for job resources and let you meet different opportunities from top companies.

Types of Career Sites:

Different websites have a different flow of listing jobs. Never stick to a specific website to rely on the job for a job switch. Because these websites have a different collection of jobs depending on their location and resources.
  •  Some websites collect the job listings directly from the company websites.For Instance, we have LinkUp.com.
  • Some career sites collect jobs from the employers.US.jobs follows this flow.
Here is a list of top 10 best websites for job search you must follow.

1. Indeed.com

Indeed is world’s leading job search website launched in 2004. In a virtual world of Job search, Indeed sweeps the internet with its huge followers. It has over 200 million visitors each month. Indeed offers millions of jobs from the company websites, job boards and form different resources. It’s the most used and famous website among candidates for career building. Indeed passed the monster.com to become the leading job search engine in 2010.

2. LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn is professional networking website for business and employment purpose. LinkedIn has 500 million members in 200 different countries. It allows both employers and candidates to make professional profiles and connections/networking. LinkedIn has been the most frequently used website for talent hunt in recruitment having 105 million active members monthly. LinkedIn ranks as the 20th most popular website around the globe.

3. Monster.com

Monster is one of the largest job search websites. It has ranked as the most trafficked website in the US. In 2008 Monster had a million job postings resumes and over 63 million job seekers per month. In 2013 Monster.com was ranked as the 3rd job search website based on monthly unique visitors. The analytics of the website says it all about the popularity among the job seekers.

4. Glassdoor.com

Glassdoor is a career website which provides not only job listing but also the company reviews. It’s a website where employees can give reviews to the company and their management without disclosing their identity. The honest anonymous review can help job seekers in decision making for the career path and choose the workplace prioritizing them on a review of their current and x employees.

5. BrightOwl.pro

Brightowl.pro is a job dating tool focusing on the quality of contact by empowering the experts with full privacy control. BrightOwl introduces blind profile feature. Only if both parties (Company and the expert) agree then it’s a match and you will have a date. This job dating tool makes the expert in the driving seat. The contact details are not disclosed unless you agree or show interest in the company. The website focuses on both parties perspectives. BrightOwl is known to be matchmaker by matching the interest of both sides.
Top 10 Job Search Websites

6. SimplyHired.com

SimplyHired.com is yet another large website for recruitment and employment purpose. Thousands of job seekers can avail this free service by simply typing keyword and location for the desired job list. It collects jobs from different websites, classified listing, newspapers, and employers. It operated and entertains the job seekers in 24 different countries. SimplyHired.com has a 58% reduced cost per hire rate for the employers.

7. LinkUp.com

LinkUp.com is a job search engine which collects jobs from the employer’s website directly. The purpose of following this flow is to make sure to exclude duplicate and fraudulent jobs. LinkUp aims to make unadvertised listings noticeable and apparent. LinkUp claims to have over 3 million jobs from over 50,000 companies.

8. Careerbuilder.com

Careerbuilder.com is the largest online job search website in the US. The website takes job listing directly from the employers. It has also teamed up with newspapers and almost 1900 partners to expand the listing. CareerBuilder has been helping the candidates with recruitment solutions, career advice, intelligence exposure and the confidence to decide better career paths.

9. Google for Jobs

On May 2017, Google unveiled the new platform to help people find work. It’s a new Job Search Engine powered by Google which pulls job listing from different sources. You can search jobs and apply to open positions directly through Google. Google has patterned with jobs websites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn (Excluding Indeed) to generate the list of open positions in the top search results against your search query.

10. US. Jobs

US.jobs is especially for those candidates who are seeking for government jobs. It collects the job listings majorly from state agencies. They have millions of unique positions. This website workflow is designed to focus on the labor market. US.jobs connects the job seekers and the companies directly.
The above mentioned are the Top 10 job search engines. You can choose on the basis of your requirement and preferences. Explore the resources and get registered to the one which best suits your needs. Each one has different workflow and benefits.


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