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The Recruitment Funnel

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On October 30, 2017

Recruitment plays an important role in making or breaking the company’s future. The curve of success will be defined and dependent on the consequences of recruiting. Recruiting itself is a huge responsibility; one has to make sure that your company’s development is in safe hands. The potential, passionate and initiative candidate is all you want through recruitment. Seeking for the top talent needs a pre-defined strategy which includes the plan to approach the top talent, get them in applicants and hire them with the right offer. So many candidates’ career and so many hopes are associated with this process. Understanding the responsibility of society’s better employment chances, recruitment has to redefine the values. To assure that the talent has the path to meet the right opportunity.

Recruitment funnel defines the process through which the hiring will be done. The broader you cast your net; the more candidates will enter the funnel. It’s very important to make sure that this recruiting funnel is filtering the candidates in the right priorities. The efficiency of the funnel is the main part which should not be compromised at any cost. It not only defines the company’s future but also the career of the candidate. The steps of the process in this funnel should be defined precisely, based on the filters seeking for the right talent. It defines the efficiency of the recruitment funnel. It certainly questions the efficiency if somehow the qualified talent is being neglected and is unable to make a way through this tunnel. On the same side if you think your efforts for recruitment is not worth the output candidates, you need to redefine your recruitment funnel process.

The funnel usually has the following common steps:

  •  Entering the funnel: The applicants get to know about the Job opening
  • Application Process: The candidates who applied for the job
  • Screening: Filters applied based on matching skills
  • Offer: Interviewing and offer Session
  •  Hiring: Final hiring agreement by the employment terms

Entering the funnel:

A lot of applicants enters the funnel by knowing about the job opening. For initiating the start of the funnel in the right way, make sure to spread the word as wider as possible. Advertise on company’s website, job boards, career sites, social referrals and social media. The more the candidates enter the funnel; more chances are there to have the perfect hire.

Application Process:

Not all the candidates entering the funnel do apply for the job. It is candidate’s choice and preferences whether to apply or not. The ball is in candidate’s court. Only the interested candidates will proceed by applying for the job. The first filter applies at this stage. The non-interested candidates are dropped at this stage. Left are the candidates who are going to compete for each other for the job. The impression to application rate defines how appealing your job ads were. Keep track of the resource the applicants are coming from to prioritize the jobs platforms. Online Jobs websites do the best part. For Instance: BrightOwl.


At this stage, the power game is in recruiter’s hand. Screening is the process where filters are applied to pop up the top talent with right skills set. A huge number of candidates are filtered out of the recruitment process and their journey ends up here in the funnel. The proceeding will be the most competent candidates to choose from. This is the brainstorming phase of recruiters to select the candidates to call for interviews. The Screening filters should be accurate, nonbiased assuring to drop the un-matching skills candidates and let go through the filter, the deserving ones. This is the most crucial stage of the funnel which defines the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Interview and Offer:

The pool is already shortlisted to very few ones. The filters have done their part. It’s time for HR authorities. If you have made up to this point, you have the capability to fit in the job. Only 10 to 15 % of the total applicants are called upon to schedule the interviews. At this stage, your appearance, confidence, and postures define your chances. Considering the limited time of the interview, the questions should be designed in a way that the candidate can best explain his knowledge, skills, and ideas. Make the best use of skill assessment.


The funnel has been narrowed down and reaches the bottom for the final hire. Hiring usually depends on the offer. Your perfect match has the option to accept or reject the offer. So always keep the offer negotiable. Don’t lose the talent for small bartering over a small amount of money. Also, don’t go out of your budget if there are alternative candidates available to join within budget.

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