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How to overcome online recruitment challenges

Overcoming the Challenges of Online Recruitment

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On October 16, 2017

E-Recruitment since its emergence widely adopted and practiced worldwide by many organizations. However, there have always been certain challenges and hurdles associated with every new innovative Idea. E-Recruitment being the most trending mechanism for recruitment still faces challenges to overcome. These challenges may affect the efficiency and transparency in e-recruitment. However, no one can deny the importance of e-recruitment and how it has become a part of our daily life. The role it is playing in successful employment is remarkable.  The challenges of e-recruitment reflect the perspectives of employers and candidates both.


These challenges are quite considerable at this particular stage of technology development. It can be predicted that with the persistent technology development, e-recruitment industry will be capable of overcoming these challenges. For sure sooner or later the e-recruitment industry will rise above these challenges. As these challenges can never be a threat to the survival of online job portals. E-recruitment is adopted, recognized and reputed far beyond these challenges. The challenges cannot be labeled as the flaw of the system because the list would be too long if we count on the challenges of traditional employment method. There is nothing to be labeled as perfect, be it human or artificial intelligence. If the perfection would be possible, the technology has had stopped developing. There is no debate needed for the mechanism which is already worldwide recognized and accepted.


How to overcome online recruitment challenges


One major challenge is the confidentiality of data. The candidates upload and update their resumes with the fear of being duplicated. On the other hand, the employers face the duplicate and fake profiles. Online job portals not only play a vital role in recruitment but there is the ethical responsibility of keeping the data confidential. To the best of their practices removing the fake and duplicates profiles. This is how the e-recruitment is dealing with this challenge to minimize the impact.


Another challenge is the lack of face to face interaction. There is the possibility of misconceptions and delayed replies. The challenge is that it’s more difficult to make each other understand your perception and point of view. I believe E-recruitment is the best way to present your talent, especially for introvert people. Who do have capabilities and skill-set but due to Glossphobia they cannot deliver through speaking power to the best of their talent. E-recruitment made it possible to present in a digital way and with every successful filtering the confidence increases and on successful employment you are all set to integrate your talent with company perspective. All such candidates need some space to gather confidence which e-recruitment industry is providing them.


There comes the challenge of contradictory digital image versus the real work profile. It costs nothing to attach a set of skills with your profile online which you are not expert at. This makes only digital profile potential and eventually results in unsuccessful employment on further proceedings with wastage of time for both job seekers and hiring company. It is said that fake digital image or exaggerated skills on the digital resume is a challenge to e-recruitment. This is absolutely not right. What I believe is, this challenge questions more about the performance of HR rather than e-recruitment.  E-recruitment has provided so many ways to judge the skills of candidates. With a single attachment, option candidates can show his work, experiences, projects etc. It is employer’s responsibility to verify and compare his proven record of data with a digital image. E-recruitment offers online video interview capability which is an alternative to face to face interaction. E-recruitment is fully equipped with all the mechanisms to judge candidate’s personal appearance, personality, confidence and showing work experience. Associating this challenge to e-recruitment is not justified as there is no recruitment workflow flaw in it.


Concluding the above challenges and how e-recruitment has best possible solutions to those challenges questioning the efficiency of e-recruitment. It is clear that e-recruitment has the capability to perform with effective results beyond these challenges.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Online Recruitment

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