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On October 23, 2017

The impact of digitalization has been a game changer. The recruitment world has been transformed digital nearly 100 percent.  It has not only changed the recruitment process but also set a trend of keeping a Digital reputation of the firm. The reason why the companies are turning to e- recruitment is that it’s cost effective, efficient and convenient to the companies and for the job seekers too. It also minimized the administration burden. It’s a global market. E-recruitment makes you free of geo-graphic barriers. The electronic resume is not merely a piece of paper. It has the capability to showcase the talent and skills of the candidates. Organizations are using e- recruiting software to get the positions filled. The job seekers have no more hurdles like contact details, postal addresses, in person submissions factors to apply. The new world of opportunities is a just a “click” away.

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Last modified: April 12, 2018

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