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The Emergence of E-Recruitment

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On September 20, 2017

Over the past decade, the development of advanced technology has influenced every walk of life. The dramatic technology’s takeover to every field is changing the trends.  The transformation from billboards to newspaper’s job advertisement to online job portals and now even to social media recruitment has completely evolved the Hiring Process. The print media has had its day when it was the only resource for recruitment back in 90’s. No one applies in person by manually submitting the resume. After the transformation to digitalization of recruitment process, it has become a billion-dollar industry.



The impact of digitalization has been a game changer. The recruitment world has been transformed digital nearly 100 percent.  It has not only changed the recruitment process but also set a trend of keeping a Digital reputation of the firm. The reason why the companies are turning to e-recruitment is that it’s cost-effective, efficient and convenient to the companies and for the job seekers too. It also minimized the administration burden. It’s a global market. E-recruitment makes you free of geographic barriers. The electronic resume is not merely a piece of paper. It has the capability to showcase the talent and skills of the candidates. Organizations are using e- recruiting software to get the positions filled. The job seekers have no more hurdles like contact details, postal addresses, in person submissions factors to apply. The new world of opportunities is a just a “click” away.





The e-recruiting process has increased the job seekers worth. E-recruitment enables them to have access to worldwide opportunities. They have become aware of their talent worth because of exposure over the e-recruitment. The High profile candidates do have an idea now that the companies will be researching for us as much as we are researching for them. Having more opportunities the job seekers are confident enough to trade their skills, capabilities, and experiences for the deserving job and package. So it turned out to influence positively to both the employees and the employers.


The successful implementation and delivery of the system depend on many factors. Like the technical knowledge of electronic media in the HR team. Here is one noticeable point to remember is the targeted candidates. What are the trends of applying electronically in targeted candidates? The non-technical candidates may prefer to apply the other way. For example, a writer who still prefers paper pen over digital media. What is the ratio of adopting the revolution of internet technology?  All these factors affect the successful results of the implementation of e-recruitment in a specific industry. Despite less probability of successful implementation and results in few certain fields, which wouldn’t affect the emergence, we cannot neglect the influence and impact of e-recruitment that is why the e-recruitment is world widely being trending in Multi-national firms.




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The Emergence of E-Recruitment

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