Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Job Market Gap in Belgium

Today, in life sciences the search for CRAs with (relevant) experience is far-reaching. We noticed, however, it is not always easy to find experienced profiles. We tackled this issue by doing a little study and uncovering what’s happening in today’s market.


In the chart below, the average required experience for CRA jobs is indicated with the green line. (If a range of experience is asked, e.g. 1 to 5 years of experience, we averaged the range, e.g. 3 years in this particular case). The same was done for today’s (average) CRA experience; here indicated with the blue line.


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The Emergence of E-Recruitment

Over the past decade, the development of advanced technology has influenced every walk of life. The dramatic technology’s takeover to every field is changing the trends.  The transformation from billboards to newspaper’s job advertisement to online job portals and now even to social media recruitment has completely evolved the Hiring Process. The print media has had its day when it was the only resource for recruitment back in 90’s. No one applies in person by manually submitting the resume. After the transformation to digitalization of recruitment process, it has become a billion-dollar industry.


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