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Insights job mobility survey

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On September 27, 2016

A while ago we launched a survey around job mobility. We received responses from experts from 43 different countries and the results provide some interesting insights in the international job market that we would like to share with you.



  1. The more experience someone has, the higher the chance that this person is in the current job or role for a longer time.
  2. 60% of respondents would consider relocating to another country for a job. The top 5 countries with the highest percentage are UK, Switzerland, Finland, France, and Italy. At the bottom, we find Belgium and Denmark where the majority of the respondents doesn’t want to leave the country.
  3. The top 5 reasons for changing jobs are:
    1. More career growth opportunities
    2. Flexible working hours
    3. Higher basic remuneration
    4. Job security
    5. Innovative products/services

By far the number one reason for changing jobs is personal development. Working closer to home or having the possibility to work from home score lower than expected. People like to have colleagues around and want flexibility in order to better tune their professional and private lives. Salary only comes in the third place and extra benefits are not a reason to change. Job security seems to become less important while relevance and degree of innovation of the product/service become more important.


Click on the below image for the infographic with the detailed survey results:
Job mobility - Blog 29.9.16

Last modified: April 10, 2018

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