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“Let’s make the recruitment market for clinical research and life science experts more transparent, more flexible and ultimately more rewarding for both experts and companies.”

BrightOwl – the number one platform for life science experts looking for biotechnology jobs and pharmaceutical jobs BrightOwl is the first online platform that matches experts with jobs in the clinical research and life sciences industries. Our vision is that transparency should be a two way street in the job market. BrightOwl offers professionals a clear view of what jobs are available on the market, and companies the ability to select the best talents available.

Jef Van Rompay ( Founder )

Jef Van Rompay

 +32 474 290 331

Jef is the founder of BrightOwl. Before starting up BrightOwl, he worked at Valesta, at Echos (buying, renovating, renting residential property) and at Katoen Natie as a Managing trainee.

Arianne Hermans ( Operations )

Arianne Hermans


Arianne has an efficient and creative mind with Fingerspitzengefühl. She describes herself as “a high-tech sniffing modern woman with a big imagination.” Working at BrightOwl is the best thing that happened to her as a young professional. Every day is a different day in a startup company. One day she will be doing interviews. Another day, she will be setting up marketing campaigns. Variety is what she wants and what she gets at BrightOwl.

Klaus Lommatzsch ( Marketing expert )

Klaus Lommatzsch

 Marketing expert

Klaus helps Jef in translating his vision for BrightOwl in clear and coherent marketing messages. Klaus is Founding Partner at Duval Union, a 21st century marketing and communications services ecosystem. Duval Union's collaborative network model combines the know-how of seasoned marketing services agencies with the ambitions of young marketing technology start-ups.

Erik Schils ( IT Expert )

Erik Schils

 IT Expert

Erik Schils is an IT expert with strong problem solving skills, expertise in virtualization, industry platforms and CMS systems. He works as a Technical Lead, managing more than 9000 desktops and 1000 servers. He is also co-founder of Webweaver, solving ICT problems, both in physical and virtualized environments, developing Content Management Systems ( CMS ) of own design or implementing existing CMS systems such as Wordpress or Joomla for small to mid-size companies. He specializes in developing industry platforms, market places, enabling the exchange of information, member registration, e-commerce solutions and online payment integrations. He also guides companies through the whole process of building a website or industry platform.

Koen Bosma ( Lean coach )

Koen Bosma

 Lean coach

Koen was instrumental in moving BrightOwl from an idea to a business model. Koen is founder of Startlean, an organization that applies "Lean Startup" ideas for startups and corporates. Lean Startup originated in the US as a movement that focuses on agility, testing and validating assumptions as an integral part of go-to-market strategies. The result of a Lean Startup process is not a final product, but a solution that is validated and desired by users.

Touch De Clercq ( Graphic designer )

Touch De Clercq

 Graphic designer

Touch is a graphic designer specialized in brand styling. BRANDSTYLING is about applying the brand identity throughout all graphical support & material. BRANDSTYLING makes sure that you can effectively communicate your brand values in an attractive, recognizable and consistent way.

Philippe Bailleur ( Organisational coach )

Philippe Bailleur

 Organisational coach

Philippe is an experienced guide for organizational architecture and renewal with “BrightOwl is organizational out-of-the-box pur sang. Jef is a real entrepreneur who knows how to take smartcuts. I am convinced that BrightOwl will develop new grounds in talent matching.”

Frederik Marain ( Media expert )

Frederik Marain

 Media expert

Frederik helped the BrightOwl team to translate its vision into a working prototype, functional requirements and clear content. Frederik is senior Internet business and strategy consultant at The Reference and teaches Internet Journalism and e-Communication at AP Hogeschool and VUB university.

Junaid Jalap ( Project Manager )

Junaid Jalap

 Project Manager
 +32 488 095 656

Junaid is an IT professional with 15 year of Project & Team Management experience with global companies from USA, Europe and Asia. With BrightOwl, he is managing the Platform development and filling the gaps between business and development team to achieve common goals.

Terrence Spencer ( Matching Expert )

Terrence Spencer

 Matching Expert
 +32 472 824 358

With a background in HR Terrence is a first line of contact for consultants with BrightOwl. He loves doing in-depth interviews, so he gets to know the person behind the professional. Furthermore he is a real people person and always there to help. Working at BrightOwl is like riding a rollercoaster: things go fast and unexpected tasks will always be popping up. He adores innovative things, which is why he is glad to work at BrightOwl.

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Katrien Michiels

 Matching Expert
 +32 472 047 214

Katrien describes herself as a pioneer in heart and soul. She is fascinated by socio-economic challenges and innovative business ideas to tackle these. She has a background in Customer Service & Supply Chain and strives to use her strategic insight and interpersonal skills to tune business & customer needs in an effort to create shared value. She loves to build up things from scratch.